The big news around the barnyard ...

The big news around the barnyard is that Peabody, the five year old white Chinese peahen (that's a female peacock for you city slickers) has decided to mate this year. We have a new duck that came to us last fall who was already a bit confused, as he had raised a chick from birth and felt very motherly toward the whole flock. He did meet other ducks here.

Ling looks like the AFLACK duck, he's a white Pekin. Here's the fun part. Peabody and Ling started to notice each other a few weeks back, and then started hanging out together.

We watched as the began to sit near each other (Peabody never sits that close) and next came the grooming. We have officially declared them mated.

Their courtship ritual is wonderful and believe us when we share that it isn't the strangest courtship we've seen in this barnyard. But it is the most wonderful, as Peabody and Ling have both found a fine spouse.

An impromptu wedding took place the day after this original blog subject was posted. Here are the photos from the event and a description by a local admirier:

The wedding of the Peacock and the Duck took place in the West barnyard Friday May 10, 2013  at 7:30am MDT. Stills are in order of the lovely wedding, some show the full blessing ceremony. May we present Mr and Mrs Ling-Peabody! We were able to take stills of the ceremony as it was rather loud to the average vidoe listener, but if you click on the You Tube movie, you can witness their first dance.

Officiated by Bitsy Gander. 

"Do you, Ling Ling, take this Peahen, Peabody, to be your webbed err wedded partner?"
"And do you, Peabody, take this duck, Ling Ling, to be your webbed err wedded partner?"
"I NOW PRONOUNCE YOU HUSBAND AND WIFE. You may groom the bride or bridle the groom, the barnyard is going to PARTEE"

"I couldn't be happier for you two kids!"

The first dance as Mr. and Mrs. Ling-Peabody


We thank you so much for all the joy and humor you've shared with us about this momentous occasion.

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