Litmus Test

January 29, 2005

As for the journalists caught taking money from the Bush administration to promote its policies, there is a very simple litmus test to ferret out the chaff from the wheat: any journalist who writes a positive article about anything this administration does should be suspect. In fact, anything published by the corporate media should be taken with a grain of salt the size of Mount Everest.

Thankfully, it is not 1986 anymore and we have the internet and nearly every topic covered by the corporate media can be researched and alternate views and facts easily found. Intelligent and discerning people should be able to consider all the facts and make up their own minds. Finally, one thing should be kept in mind at all times: the Bush administration lies, it is in the pocket of multinational corporations and fanatical Likudites and their Strausscon quislings, its most ardent supporters are right-wing Christian Zionist nut cases, and Congress, by and large, will go along with whatever this administration proposes.

If a “journalist” writes anything positive about the occupation of Iraq, about the “reform” of Social Security, or Bush’s “faith-based” initiatives, he or she should be dismissed out of hand. Simple as that.

- Kurt Nimmo wrote this, I wish I had. ( '?

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