Bloodiest Suicide Attack kills 115

Bloodiest Suicide Attack in Hilla, 115 Dead

The suicide car bomb attack killing 115 and injuring 148 in the Iraqi city Hilla has become the bloodiest since May 2003, the end of the Iraq war.

The American news agency, Associated Press (AP) has reported that since US President George W. Bush announced the end of the war in May 2003, this is the single bloodiest attack in the country causing the most deaths.

According to Police, 115 were killed and 133 were wounded in the attack. The Iraq Red Crescent organization has confirmed that deaths have exceeded 100. A Red Crescent Spokespersons in Bagdat (Baghdad) Firdaws Al-Abadi said they have sent emergency medical supplied and teams to the region.

The Hilla Hospital Director Diya Mohammed informed that most of the victims were waiting in an employment line for the Iraqi National Guard and the Police were they were about to undertake a health check. The incident also occurred near a village market.

[12:32:00] 28.02.2005
Anadolu News Agency (aa)
Bagdat (Baghdad).

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