Captive journalists may still be alive

The Romanian authorities believe three journalists kidnapped in Iraq are still alive almost 24 hours after a deadline for their execution expired.

"The three are alive and Romanian authorities have asked for the early release of Marie Jeanne Ion, hoping for sensitivity because she is a woman," a source close to the authorities involved in solving the crisis told news agency Reuters.

Prima TV reporter Ion, 32; cameraman Sorin Miscoci, 30; Romania Libera journalist Ovidiu Ohanesian, 37; and their Iraqi translator, Mohamad Munaf, were taken captive on March 28, five days after arriving in Iraq.

The kidnappers had extended the first deadline for executing their hostages by a day to 3pm yesterday and demanded that Romania withdraw its 800 troops from Iraq.

The Romanian government pleaded for another extension but 3pm passed with no word on the reporters' fate.

Campaigning organisation Reporters Without Borders and its Romanian partner, the Media Monitoring Agency, have asked for moderation from all sides.

"It is counter-productive to fuel controversy and put forward sterile hypotheses. This is not the moment for settling scores," the two groups said.

"What counts is the evidence that the four hostages are still alive, and the fact that the Romanian government has established contact with the kidnappers, which is essential."

The MMA held a press conference in Bucharest today asking Romanian TV stations to display a photos of the four hostages for 24 hours on 28 April, exactly a month after they were abducted.

Meanwhile the Council of Europe's parliamentary assembly has urged media organisations working in war zones to declare that no payments or political concessions will be made to abductors.

In reaction to a spate of kidnappings in Iraq, the council has also passed a resolution stating that reporters in war zones should make it clear before they begin work in a conflict zone that any political statement they may make in the event of being taken hostage will be under coercion.

"Wide publicity and fulfilment of demands of terrorists such as the payments of large sums... increase the risk for journalists in dangerous areas," said the resolution.

The assembly urged media organisations to send only experienced journalists on war assignments and provide them with safety, first-aid and communications equipment, psychological counselling and comprehensive insurance.

"Journalists' rights to life, liberty and security... must not be compromised by growing market pressures for more direct reports from risk areas and a dubious growth of public desire for sensational reporting," the resolution said. Florence Aubenas, a reporter for French daily newspaper Liberation, and her Iraqi guide, Hussein Hanoun, have been missing since they disappeared in Baghdad on January 5.

The release of two reporters just before Christmas after four months in captivity sparked reports that the French government had paid their kidnappers a ransom to secure their release, a claim the government has denied.

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