Free Voices Hacked

Two weeks ago a person or organization hacked into the Free Voices website, erased several issues of Free Voices, eZine of the People, and attached a virus to a story.

Why would such an attack take place on our website? Perhaps that question can be better answered by looking at the story that was targeted.

"Young Marines: Militarizing Americaís Children"(see next blog article) is an essay I wrote to bring attention to the existence of the Young Marines Association, a military organization for children between the ages of eight and seventeen. Rather than simply exposing the abusivce practices of the organization, i discussed historical comparisons of similar programs and their disastrous consequences as a way to introduce the reasoning behind the expansion of the Young Marines in the US. Apparently this is something that someone does not want discussed.

Very little writing has been done about the Young Marines. The very few articles that question the practices within the organization do so in a very neutral manner. It is my personal belief that trying to remain neutral on a topic that is so heavily skewed and has so much evidence against it being beneficial in any healthy way is not just avoiding the truth, but serves to legitimize the improper, illegal, or damaging aspects of what is being discussed. This happens all too regularly in corporate media and it is the purpose of publications such as Free Voices to shout the truth no matter how harsh that truth might be.

Rest assured that the effects of the hacking have been remedied and there are no dangers of receiving a virus from our website. We will continue to monitor such intrusions and attempts to silence the voices of those whose writing appears here. Wherever we find information that is hidden or not easily accessible, we will make sure that you are informed. Whenever you feel stifled and unable to express yourself we will make your voice heard.

Copyright © 2005 by Brandon Batzloff

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