SF School Officials Question Recruiting Tactics

SF School Officials Question Recruiting Tactics

May 21, 2005

Critics of military recruiting tactics are calling for more action after a one day stand down that was prompted by reports of serious improprieties by recruiters.

Sandra Schwartz of the group American Friends Service Committee, Peace Education Program stood outside a military recruiting station in San Francisco Friday to focus attention on the recruiting tactics.

According to KCBS reporter George Harris Schwartz called for a change in culture not just a one day stand down to reinforce proper conduct in signing up young people to serve their country. “Truth in advertising really kind of nails it on the head that people need to know that it's not great opportunity to travel,” she said.

Dr. Dan Kelly a commissioner on the San Francisco Board of Education says since the No Child Left Behind Act, military recruiters have access to high school senior's private information; name, date of birth, phone number unless the student signs a card of confidentiality. “We are again receiving complaints from students about aggressive attempts to contact them. To stop them in the halls, to call them at home, and to seek them to entice them to join the military,” he said.

Recruiters have complained about the pressures they face in meeting enlistment goals as casualty figures increase in Iraq.

Major General Michael Rochelle the commander of the U.S. Army recruiting command says seven cases of alleged abuse are being investigated. “They generally fall in the area of pre-qualification, drug use, high school degree,” he said.

The recruiter improprieties include reports of showing young men and woman how to obtain a fake high school diploma and beat drug tests.

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