Rape and domestic violence safety in military under attack

This is an URGENT action alert from Stop Family Violence. Your immediate action is needed.

The US military has declared war on the privacy rights of rape victims and their therapists. If they win, it could give the military the power to invade the private, confidential conversations we all have with our physicians, lawyers, therapists, or even spouses. Your help is needed to fight back.

The Air Force has issued an arrest warrant against Jennifer Bier, a civilian therapist, who has refused to turn over confidential counseling records of a military rape victim to the military court.

A temporary stay of arrest has been issued by the Tenth District Federal Appeals Court; arguments will be heard later this week.


Go to

to learn more and to sign a citizen or professional oath indicating your interest in making sure that privacy rights are upheld. Bier’s attorney, Wendy Murphy, will take your pledges with her to federal court to help bolster her arguments to keep confidential communications out of the military’s reach.

Our strength is in our numbers
Please forward this message to as many people as you can.

Together we can..

Irene Weiser

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