First Muslim killed in feared backlash against London bombings

First Muslim killed in feared backlash against London bombings

London, July 13, IRNA

London Bombings-Muslim Killed
A 48-year old man from Pakistan has been beaten to death outside a corner shop by a gang of youths in what is believed to be the first Muslim killed in a backlash against last week's bombings in London.

Kamal Raza Butt, who was visiting family and friends, died in hospital after being attacked while buying some cigarettes in Nottingham, central England on Sunday afternoon.

According to the Guardian newspaper Wednesday, the gang of youths shouted anti-Islamic abuse, first calling him 'Taliban' before being beaten unconscious.

Nottinghamshire police were said to have described the incident as racially aggravated, but the Muslim Safety Forum, which has evidenced over three hundred faith and hate crimes against the Muslim community since last Thursday, said it was Islamophobic.

The BBC also reported that nine people were being questioned by the police over what was being described as a "racially-aggravated murder" without making any reference the backlash to the London bombings.

Communities leaders are thought to be concerned about publicizing the killing for fear of heightening the anxiety and alarm among Muslims.

The attack was before police announced on Tuesday that they suspected four British-born Muslims for the London bombings, which some fear will provoke an even greater backlash.


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