August 24, 2005

Iraq Versus Vietnam: A Comparison of Public Opinion

Gallup reviews public opinion during the Vietnam War and the current war in Iraq

by Frank Newport and Joseph Carroll

Americans have become negative about the war in Iraq more quickly than they did for the Vietnam War. It took more than three years before a majority of Americans said it was a mistake to send troops to Vietnam, a state of affairs reached within a year and three months of the inception of the Iraq war. However, the percentage of Americans mentioning Iraq as the nation's most important problem is lower than was the case for Vietnam at a similar point after it began. George W. Bush's approval ratings on Iraq — so far — have been higher than Lyndon Johnson's ratings on Vietnam.


and now I have to go sign up for a thirty day trial, while being thrown around that website like a kid in a big blown up castle... sorta like what they try to be in our lives. The big castle from which the real information is announced.


more coming soon. I had some great articles working on the comparisons since the inception of the war. Lets take a look at all of those, what do you say?

I found that the news from a year ago was very interesting when compared to today's headlines. As most of you know, I have been following my dao further into creative indeavors and or course, when you live in the mountains in colorado, well, ya live outside mosta the time. So here's the scoop. I have been working on art. And have found a great way to get it to you.

Anyway back to the stories. I will start the warm-up exercises for the flaming-hoop jumping ahead of me to get the privilege of reading the rest of the above article. And again, I shall return.

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