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Dear friend of digital freedom,

Did you know that Xerox color laser printers print a series
of secret dots on every page that identify the time and
date you printed a document plus the serial number of the
printer you used? EFF technologists helped break the code,
and EFF then broke the story of this new privacy-invasive
use of technology. Dozens of other manufactures hide similar
tracking dots in their documents, and we're working to break
those codes, too. And as always, we'll be there to make sure
that law enforcement officers and others do not misuse this

When technology collides with your rights--your rights to
speak freely, to guard your privacy, to innovate, or to make
fair use--the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) is there.
This year, we've fought to protect the confidentiality of
bloggers' sources. We've fought new search and wiretap powers
for the government through expansion of the PATRIOT Act and
the federal wiretap law. We've fought the resurgent broadcast
flag, which seeks to downgrade what you can do with television
shows at the same time it makes your TV obsolete. We've fought
to keep elections/voting machines honest and auditable. We've
fought to protect innovation. We've fought to save orphan works,
to promote anonymity, and to hold back the tide of punishing
Internet regulation.

You've been a strong supporter of freedom in the past. As we
approach the holiday season, please support EFF with a financial
donation so we can break more secret codes in color laser printers
and continue the fight to protect your rights.

Please paste the following URL into your browser and donate to EFF today:

Thanks in advance for your help.

Shari Steele
Executive Director
Electronic Frontier Foundation
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