by Anna Politkovskoj

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All us ask: whether Anna Politkovskoj's murder is connected with preparation of a material by her(it) about tortures which it(she) announced on radio station " Freedom " on Thursday, on October, 5th, one day prior to death. Today on this strip we publish fragments of two materials which have been not finished by our observer.

The first — the text with the certificate firsthand about application of the tortures confirmed by data of physicians.

The second — pictures — a basis for other, nonexistent text. On a disk which has appeared at politkovskoj (we we ask to respond person who has transferred(transmitted) it(her) videorecording), — tortures of unknown citizens. Shooting was carried out by executioners. Under the assumption — employees of one of the Chechen power structures.

The antiterrorist policy(politics) of tortures on Northern Caucasus

Before me every day — tens folders. These are copies of materials of criminal cases of the people sitting at us for "terrorism" or for the present under examination. Why a word "terrorism" here so-called? Because the overwhelming majority of these people — the appointed(nominated) terrorists. And this practice purposes(assignments,destinations) in terrorists » has not simply superseded any true antiterrorist struggle by 2006, it in itself began to reproduce wishing to revenge — potential terrorists. When the Office of Public Prosecutor and courts work not for the sake of the law and punishment guilty, and on the political order and in a pursuit for pleasant to the Kremlin the antiterrorist reporting, criminal cases are baked as pancakes. The conveyor « the organizations of frank recognitions » perfectly provides good parameters « struggle against terrorism » on Northern Caucasus. Here that have written to me to mother of group of the condemned young Chechens: « … As a matter of fact, these corrective colonies have turned in a concentration camp for Chechen condemned. They are exposed to discrimination on national ground. From single chambers and penal insulators them do not let out(release). The majority, or nearly so everything, are condemned on forged to " affairs », without base of proofs.

Being in severe conditions, suffer indignity human advantages, at them hatred to all is developed(produced). In fact it is the whole army which will return to us with spoiled sudbami, with the spoiled concepts … ».

Fairly: I am afraid of their hatred. I am afraid because it will overflow banks. Sooner or later. And those inspectors, which them pytali become extreme everything, and at all. Business(affairs) « appointed(nominated) in terrorists » is that field where a head to head two ideological approaches to that occurs in a zone « counterterrorist operation on Northern Caucasus » collide(:

ARE we the law struggle with lawlessness? Or we lump "our" lawlessness on "them"?
Collide(Face), providing a spark both in the present, and in the future. The result such « purposes in terrorists » — growth of number of interested persons with this to be reconciled.

Recently Ukraine has given out by the Russian inquiry of a certain Beslan Gadaeva, the Chechen, He was arrested in the beginning of August at check of documents in Crimea where he lived as the compelled(forced) immigrant. Here are lines from his letter from August, 29th:
  • « … After me ekstradirovali from Ukraine in Terrible, me have got(started) in a cabinet(study) and at once have asked, whether I killed people from family Salikhovykh, Anzora and its(his) friend, Russian "kamazista"? I have sworn, that anybody I did not kill also nobody's blood did not spill, neither Russian, nor the Chechen. They have told in the affirmative: « Is not present, you killed ». I again began to deny it. After I have answered them the second time, that I killed nobody, they at once began to beat me. First two times have struck me a fist in area of the right eye. While I came to the senses after these impacts, they have braided me and have fastened on me handcuffs in front, and between legs(foots) have sideways pushed a pipe that I could not move with hands though I and was in handcuffs. Then they have taken me, to be exact, this pipe for the ends which has been fixed on me, and have suspended me on standing close by two bedside-tables, height approximately about 1 meter.
  • At once after they have suspended me, they began to attach on little fingers of hands of a wire. Pair seconds later me have started to beat a current and simultaneously beat me rubber dubinkami where only could. Not having sustained a pain, I began to shout, saying a name Supreme, asking them to stop it. In reply to it to not hear and not listen, as I shout, they have put on(allocate) to me a head a black package.
  • How many it proceeded, precisely I do not remember, but I began to lose consciousness from a pain. Having seen, that I lose consciousness, have removed(have taken off) from me a package and have asked, whether I shall speak. I have answered, that I shall be, though did not know, about what to them to speak. I so have answered even for a while to get rid of torture.
  • Then they have removed(have taken off) me from a pendant condition, have removed(have taken off) a pipe and have thrown me on a floor. Have told: "Speak". In reply to it I have told, that I have nothing them to speak. They have answered my words to me with that have struck me the same pipe on which me suspended, in area of the same right eye. From these impacts I have fallen sideways and almost in a unconsciousness felt, how they began to beat me anywhere. … me have again suspended and have repeated the same, as before. How many it proceeded, I do not remember, over me again and again poured water.
Next day they expiated me, smeared on the person(face) and on a body something. Approximately the operative worker has come into lunch time to me in a citizen and has told, that send(have come) journalists and that I should incur three murders and robbery, having threatened with that if I shall disagree, all of them will repeat, and also will lower(omit) me, having applied to me mockery of sexual character. I have agreed.

After I have given interview to journalists, they, also having threatened with the same mockery, have forced me to testify, that all those poboi which I have received from them which they have put(rendered) to me, I have received ostensibly at attempt to flight … ».

Lawyer Zaur Zakriev who is carrying out protection of Beslan Gadaeva, has declared employees PTS "Memorial", that in territory ROVD Groznenskogo (rural) area concerning its(his) client the physical and psychological violence was applied. As follows from the application(statement) of the lawyer, its(his) client has actually admitted fulfilment of armed assault in 2004 on employees of law enforcement bodies. However employees ROVD Groznenskogo (rural) area have decided to receive from it(him) still indications in a number of the crimes not accomplished by it(him) in with. Old Atagi Groznenskogo (rural) area CHR.

According to the lawyer, from application of severe violence over the client on its(his) body there are visible physical injuries. Terrible where now there is B.Gadaev [is accused of first-aid station SIZO-1 on item 209 UK the Russian Federation ("Gangsterism")], the certificate(act) of physical examination in which are fixed(recorded) numerous poboi, physical injuries in the form of rubtsov, grazes, krovopodtekov, the broken edges, and also complaints to internal bodies has been made. On all rough infringements of human rights lawyer Z.Zakriev has directed complaints to Office of Public Prosecutor of the Chechen Republic. <...>

Anna politkovskaya
Here material politkovskoj breaks. It is not finished. What episodes have remained outside the text — edition finds out.

One of last videos received by Anna Politkovskoj

On video: presumably employees of one of the Chechen power structures have grasped and pytayut two young men. One of grasped sits in a motor vehicle, bleeding profusely (the knife which is sticking out in the field of an ear of a victim) is visible. Another, apparently, will throw out from the machine(car) on asphalt. Executioners it is not visible, only Chechen speech (melkhijsky a dialect) which alternates matom is audible.

The literal text:
« — Putin has told: "look", speaks, « from different directions … ».

— It(He) still thinks! (Addresses to a victim scornfully in a feminine gender.) this will not die in any way, <…> bl … the Goat, a pancake … Ped … st, e … j. Look, what beautiful. muchayus when you I do not see.

— Breathe, bratan, breathe, … For God's sake, I speak you, I speak …

— Ready, and? It(He) is ready?

— Yes, it is ready.

— We leave … to me!

— Hey, suffice <…>, take a position, take a position, properly under supervision take adjoining district. »

" The new newspaper " № 78

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