ponder (a poem)

great day to drop a noose
wild west style

media discussing what
to show, tasteful
fox plans to buy video

Palestinians mourn
as do many citizens
655,000 innocent nonoose
in the name of

the death machine
called US of A just
rolls right along

even the pope said
dont fucking do it
or something like that

and James Brown
wonder if they will let
his old cell mates out for
the funeral

Gerry ford
whoosh back to days of liberty
"Our National Nightmare Is Over At Last"

I want the next prez to say that as
the first words of her acceptance speech
cannot explain; hearing his history
brought back very clear memory of life
in america, freedom for us whiteys, at least
war over

what if we have a jewish prez die??
will they speed her body around to all the sites
or just plant her and make an effigy...

will we hit 3000 today?

thoughts to ponder.


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