West Point Cadet AWOL

Cadet still missing, declared AWOL

West Point – When cadets returned to the U.S. Military Academy at West Point this week following a winter holiday break, Cadet Nick Rossini, 21, was not among them.

Rossini had gone home to be with his parents at their White Bear Lake, Minnesota home, but he disappeared, reportedly concerned about a drunk driving arrest and how it might impact on his future military career.

West Point spokesman Maj. Tom Bryant said Thursday that as a matter of policy, Rossini has been declared absent without leave.

“The administrative duty status really isn’t important right now,” he said. “He is carried right now in an absent without leave status. Every soldier has to have a duty status. But, that’s really not important. It’s not significant and it’s not something we really care about right now. What we care about right now is do everything we can to help the folks who are looking for Nick find him.”

Family and authorities had hoped he would show up for his flight back to West Point on Tuesday, but he never did.

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