Global day of protest AGAINST Guantánamo Bay

Global day of protest

A protester stands on the National Mall in Washington DC on January 11th, 2008.  Around the world, thousands demonstrated calling for the closure of Guantánamo on its 6th anniversary. ©AI
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In the past 24 hours, thousands of Amnesty International supporters staged protests in more than 30 countries spanning all five major continents, calling for an end to the unlawful detention centers at Guantánamo Bay.

You are part of a global movement.

Six years ago today, the U.S. began detaining people at Guantánamo Bay, without charge, without trial, without end. Since then, conservatives and liberals, military officers and interrogators, Senators and Members of Congress have condemned the detention camps there as immoral and ineffective.i

We believe the perpetrators of the heinous attacks of September 11th must be brought to justice, and believe the U.S. has a duty to protect its citizens. But Guantánamo Bay helps us do neither. Justice only comes when governments uphold the rule of law and universally respect human rights. Those held at Guantánamo Bay must be given a fair trial or released. ii

Take action today to help us tear down Guantánamo Bay. is now available in 5 languages and activists from around the world will be joining with you to take down Guantánamo Bay bit by bit, pixel by pixel.

Remember that you are joined by millions around the world who are ready to see the U.S. change course: it's time for the U.S. to promote, defend and respect human rights.

Thank you for your support.


Larry Cox
Executive Director

i Visit to see quotes denouncing the detention centers at Guantanamo Bay.
ii Framework for Closing Guantanamo Bay


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