from the archives: An interview with Peace Grandma, Rosemarie Jackowski-"Silence is the greatest of all crimes"

”Silence is the greatest of all crimes”
An interview with Peace Grandma, Rosemarie Jackowski
By Mickey Z.

I've been extremely fortunate to attract an amazing mix of visitors to my blog...

...a crew self-dubbed 'The Expendables.' The matriarch of the Expendables is one Rosemarie Jackowski, a 67-year-old grandmother/veteran/writer from Vermont currently facing jail time for participating in an anti-war demonstration in 2003. Her journey from flag-waver to rabble-rouser is a palpable source of inspiration and an excellent illustration of the motivating power of example. When, in a recent e-mail, I wrote to her: 'you rock,' this was Rosemarie's reply: 'Hearing that from you has made my day. Those were the words that my daughter, Christine, said to me after I was arrested. They were very special words that day because she, not too long before, had married into a Republican-type family. She means the world to me and, at the time of my arrest, I was not 100% sure of her reaction.'

I interviewed Rosemarie via e-mail on October 23, 2005."

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