In Brief: World View

Iran's nuclear offer rejected

European countries have rejected an offer by Iran to suspend its nuclear activities for six months, the country's state-run television reported. Iranian and European officials met in Paris for talks intended to avert the referral of a dispute over Iran's nuclear programme to the United Nations Security Council - as the United States has threatened - which could lead to economic sanctions against Iran. Talks resumed at the French Foreign Ministry after members of the Tehran delegation said that a final compromise was in sight.

Ivory Coast planes kill French

Eight French peacekeeping troops died when Ivory Coast government aircraft bombed French positions in the rebel-held town of Bouake, a United Nations official said. The French military retaliated by destroying two Ivorian Sukhoi fighter jets on the ground at Yamoussoukro airport. In a new escalation of the civil war, government aircraft raided the rebel-held north for a third day yesterday.

Talks on Afghan hostages start

Afghan kidnappers holding three UN aid workers have extended the deadline for their demands to be met to allow negotiators to arrive. Talks over Annetta Flanigan, of Co Armagh, Northern Ireland, a Filipino, Angelito Nayan, and Kosovan Shqipe Hebibi are due to start early today.

Boat tragedy

The search for four men missing, presumed dead, after a boat accident on the Danube in Austria has been called off. The bodies of two other passengers have been found. The men's rented boat collided with a barge.

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