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Bush Administration Schemes to Attack Syria

Washington, Jan 12 (Prensa Latina) The US Administration is plotting to launch "selected" military attacks against Syria, which the US accuses of supporting the Iraqi resistance, The Washington Times reported Wednesday.

According to the Times report, the pentagon could pound alleged Iraqi insurgent training camps in Syria, as well as Syria-Iraq border-crossing points.

Such strikes could aim at disrupting a spiral of Iraqi rebel attacks and bolster security for the upcoming Iraqi elections.

The times revealed that the Iraqi interim government, installed by the foreign occupation forces in Baghdad, also agrees with the US military action against Syria, which was targeted by Israeli air raids a few months ago.

Bush administration tries to blame Damasco for the Iraqi rebel escalating attacks on US forces, saying that Syria is accomplice of the anti-US insurgency.

Recently, Gen. George W. Casey, the top US commander in Iraq, said that senior Baath Party officials from Iraq are operating from Syria where they provide financing and direction to the cells of Iraqi insurgents.

The former CIA counterterrorism chief, Vince Cannistraro, said that the US plans of attacks against Syria are being discussed by the White House, the Pentagon and the US Armed Forces Joint Chiefs.


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