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The National Executive Committee of the NLG calls on all Guild chapters to organize and to take part in local actions as part of a "National Day of Outrage" in response to yesterday's Lynne Stewart verdict, which we see as an attack not only on our cherished colleague and fellow NLG member but also on all members of the legal community who represent unpopular clients and causes. We are calling for this coordinated day of action to be held next Thursday, February 17 in your cities, towns, and, if you are a law student, at your school.

We will use this national Day of Outrage to both express our condemnation of the Lynne Stewart verdict and to draw attention to the government’s ongoing attacks on legal professionals who represent unpopular clients and causes. We urge chapters to use these actions as a call for more sustained, long-term action.

At a very minimum, chapter members should organize a press conference/rally at the local federal courthouse or federal building. One suggestion is to invite other legal or defense organizations to join the Guild in condemning the conviction of Lynne Stewart and the government’s efforts to intimidate individuals who are willing to defend persons accused in the “war on terror.” Additionally, we are hoping that this effort will lead to the development of a national coalition of civil rights and defense organizations. Members have suggested that we use the day of outrage to call for the formation of a “Coalition to Defend the Right to Counsel.” This will give the press more of a concrete reason to “bite” and will allow us to use this event to highlight the ongoing attacks on the ability to represent individuals targeted for government prosecution.

Further ideas for law students:

  • Day of Silence: Announce that NLG members will not speak in class on February 17th. You can email your professors and tell them that, to the contrary of being disrespectful, this is being done out of respect for the legal profession. Announce: “one of our own has been silenced” and build off the idea that they are trying to silence zealous advocates. You could even wear tape over your mouth that says something like “another advocate silenced.”
  • Have a table with information about Lynne Stewart (see, have people sign the “Pledge of Resolve,” and collect money for her defense team (see for information on donating)
  • Hang a banner at the law school announcing your outrage
  • Media work: hold a press conference with lawyers in your community, write an op-ed, write an article in your law school’s paper
  • Organize a roundtable discussion with professors (ie: ask Professional Responsibility professors to discuss ethical issues involved, or focus on the issue of attorney-client privilege)
This will be just one step in our ongoing support for Lynne Stewart and in defense of all of those who take on controversial cases.


JOIN US! At the
Community Church of New York (Hall of Worship)
40 East 35th Street
New York, NY 10016 (between Park & Madison)
#6 Train to 33rd St.

From 7 pm - 9:30 pm
Hear from Lynne, members of her legal team, NLG members, others for a Culmination of the Guild's National Day of Outrage following the verdict in Lynne Stewart's case.

Michael Smith, Moderator
Lynne Stewart
Ellen Yaroshevsky
Martin Stolar
Daniel Arshack
Ian Head
Laura Raymond

Press conference at 10:30am, February 17, in front of the federal courthouse.

D.C. National Lawyers Guild Student Committee Calls for Action in Response to the Lynne Stewart Verdict – February 17th, 12pm at the D.C. Federal Court House.

In solidarity with the February 17th National Day of Outrage announced by the National Lawyers Guild, the D.C. NLG Student Committee is calling for an action in front of the D.C. Federal Courthouse, 333 Constitution Ave., N.W., on Thursday, February 17th from 12pm until 2pm.

The D.C. NLG Student Committee views the guilty verdict in the Lynne Stewart trial as proof that the current administration will stop at nothing in its endless war on terrorism. The government is bent on intimidating attorneys from providing zealous representation to those who are openly critical of government policies.

We will not be intimidated by government prosecution. We will continue the fight for civil liberties in the courtrooms and will take that fight to the streets. We will stand by Lynne Stewart.

The Chicago Chapter of the National Lawyers Guild is hosting a forum on Thursday, Feb. 17, at 12:15 pm at DePaul Law School, 25 E. Jackson, Room 903, as part of the NLG's National Day of Outrage at the conviction in Lynne Stewart's case. This prosecution and verdict is an attack on everyone's right to counsel, especially those most targetted by the government.

Speakers will include Carol Brook, assistant director of the Office of the Federal Public Defender, and Emily Hughes of DePaul Law School and the Illinois Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. Other speakers from the Arab and Muslim communities and other bar groups are also expected.

Tabling at Golden Gate University
We will be "tabling" again this Thursday, February 17, all day, to raise awareness about the Lynne Stewart case. The National Lawyers Guild has called for a National Day of Outrage because of the recent guilty verdict in the case. The tabling schedule is at the bottom of this email.

The Bellingham Chapter of The National Lawyers Guild-in keeping with a call from the Guild for a National Day of Outrage in support of Lynne Stewart will be holding a rally and press conference at the Federal Building at Cornwall and Magnolia at 12:00 noon on Thursday, February 17th.


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