Uganda: The Aftermath

A woman, named Anne, stands in the charred remains of Barlonyo camp, near Lira in northern Uganda, the scene of a massacre at the weekend.
The camp was meant to be a safe haven for refugees, but more than 190 people were killed. It is thought the Lord's Resistance Army carried out the killings.
The small militia meant to defend the camp was overpowered by the rebels. Later Ugandan soldiers arrived to secure the area.
Families took refuge in huts when the rebels arrived. But the attackers simply set light to the buildings, burning many alive and leaving others with terrible injuries.
Family members hold down a boy who has been taken to the Lira hospital in northern Uganda for treatment.
The LRA rebels are notorious for their brutality. They have a record of chopping off the limbs, lips and ears of their victims.


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