Payola to smear Churchill?

The Next Armstrong Williams:
Caplis accepted “payola” to attack Ward Churchill

by brubaker
06 Feb 2005

An anonymous tipster working with, what was referred to as, a “faith-based think tank”, claims that KHOW/Clear Channel’s Dan Caplis accepted a “gift” from the unnamed group to spread the biased Ward Churchill story in an attempt to “frame the left”, the anti-war movement, and the 9-11 truth movement into “one package”. The person also stated this was a ploy to set-up an “Ideological Enemy” on “American Soil” and to re-invent Ward Churchill as a “sacrificial lamb”.

Details are sketchy.

The claims made by the tipster, if true in whole or in part, would suggest that the neo-conservatives are digging in their heels for another cointelpro-style battle in the homeland. Ward Churchill could be an ideal candidate for the neo-cons because of the fissure created in so many camps such as free speech, 9-11, racism, Native American rights, and the growing anti-Iraq War sentiment. Others have noted that this may be an attempt to push America back toward the right by evoking the emotions of 9-11. With the administrations campaigns to wage wars abroad waning on the world stage, a war at home may be up the neo-cons sleeves to eradicate or minimize their political enemies, which neatly falls into all of the above mentioned issues.

The fervor, credited with originating with Caplis, does follow the pattern of “talking points” that are handed down from producers to talent in both radio and television newsrooms (see “Outfoxed” for reference.)

It is also interesting to note that Ward Churchill has been at the forefront of ousting the governments CoIntelPro (Counter Intelligence Program) and has been critical of the lefts failure to react to repressive government tyranny, making him a very visible and controversial target of many groups.

The tipster also claimed to have tried to break the story elsewhere but is afraid for his/her life.

The FCC is currently investigating another DJ, Armstrong Williams, for accepting $150K to push Bush administration propaganda.

Caplis may have also violated ethics laws as well because both he and his co-host, Craig Silverman, are licensed attorneys.

The IMC has received this information second hand from a supposed corporate newspaper source who is being barred from running the story and has no further information regarding the whistleblowers or if any of the claims can be verifiable.

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