Elvis Costello


I am headed off to Denver world, where I will have the great honor of attending an Elvis Costello concert at the same place I saw the WHO and the Dead on the same bill, back in 1969. This time I am a lot older (HA) going to wheel in the place in my chair, and will remember the concert the next day!

Got free tickets and I swear, the only concert I would even deal with now is ELVIS. Can't believe I am going. I haven't been off the mountain in almost a year, and my hermitage will be shattered by going to this loud and horridly crowded event. Why why why. Cuz I love the guy's music, think he might be one of best of my generation (wait, he came from the generation after mine, oh well.....)

sorry no news today, as I just couldn't get it together. Been gabbing with friends and helping a lady who just had her only duck stolen by the fox last night. Sad stuff, but part of living.

love to all,

I will be online LATE tomorrow, sore tired and happy.

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