Bush's circle of Mafiosi's has hijacked your country...

US citizens wake up!

By Abu Assur

US youth, US citizens don't accept to be led by Bush and his Zionists and corporate interests. Wake up! Bush's circle of Mafiosi's has hijacked your country, they want to use your resources, money and youth to rage wars for the sake of what you call Israel or what the whole world calls the Zionist entity.for the sake of cupidity and greed.

Arabs have absolutely nothing against the US or the US culture. They are against US criminal policy makers who have been killing Arabs and Muslims for the last 50 years for the benefit of the Zionist entity.

Consider how the Bush administration has led US youth, squandered billions of dollars, destroyed US living force in the quagmire of Iraq. Don't believe a thing of what they are telling you about fighting terrorism propaganda. It is all about the Zionist entity and oil. Iraq has nothing to do with terrorism.

This administration is stuck in Iraq. The US has imposed a tyrannical blackout on US media. They don't want you to know the truth. There is a war, a terrible war going on in Iraq, which is taking its everyday toll of dozens of US youth. This administration is trying to conceal these losses.

The Bush hijacker circle knows that the US lost thousands of soldiers in Iraq. They don't have enough cannon fodder left to send to Iraq. And because they can't stay the course in Iraq, do you know what they are weaving and hatching? They are planning to reinstall the draft, which Bush, Cheney and CO escaped.

The US invaded Iraq and Iraqis are just defending their soil and want to be left alone. They don't want the US Abu Ghraib democracy, napalm and chemical weapons and the killing of innocents. What you, US citizens, would have you done, had your country been invaded by Martians. The Iraqi Resistance will fight until the last man, until the last bullet, until the end. Until the US invaders are defeated and humiliated and leave Iraq.

Already, many of your US youth have been killed, maimed and injured or, if alive, will be probably shocked for the rest of their lives for what they have done and seen in Iraq. Or because of the atrocities they did for Bush Texas Petrol clan and Cheney Halliburton and Wolfowitz, Kissinger and Albright Zionist agendas to help the Zionist entity invade more Arab lands and practice more ethnic cleansing against the Palestinians, using US youth and money for their ideological and fanatical religious and backward beliefs.

Hear what Bush generals are talking about. The insurgency is growing and spreading all over Iraq. It is impossible, absolutely impossible to win the war against the Iraqis. For a simple reason Iraqis are defending their homes, land, families and national resources against thugs who came and crossed thousands of miles to loot. Whatever military power the US has, it will never ever deter the Resistance or make it fade away or wane. Unless of course, the US kill all the Iraqis with age of combat. As the US did with the American Indians yet Bush said he came for democracy.

Did you hear that they are preparing the opinion to reinstate the draft and send more of these kids to Iraq inferno? So wake up now, don't let your children be killed maimed or become cannon fodder for Bush and Rumsfeld murdering machine.

The Iraqis have decided whatever time it takes to defeat the US invading army. They are at home and they have all their time. Saddam Hussein has been preparing this guerrilla battle for the last thirty years. Let me tell you one terrible thing. Your army might be proud of the armor and the surgical progress made to save more lives. But remember, that was yesterday and it was horrible too: The Vietcong's didn't want to kill the US invaders but rather to wound them. Indeed the wounded will be a fantastic burden, a living testimony of the cruelty of the war, which will affect millions of the US citizens for decades to come. Just imagine for every wounded or maimed soldier, there will be at least 20 affected and devastated people and family.

It is not too late. Wake up. Reject the Bush circle, which hijacked your country using your wealth and citizens. Bush is lying as usual, and your children are paying a heavy price for these lies.

US youth don't fall into the trap of the Pentagon prostitutes who harass you, chat you up after schools or at fast-food gatherings, trying to trick you and catch more cannon fodder for Iraq inferno. Enlisting for the US army means for sure to be sent to the war and means true life, death, and boy, the war in Iraq is not a computer game. Iraq is hell.

Again the Arabs have nothing, absolutely nothing against the US citizens. The Arabs believe in civilizations enriching each other, cohabiting with each other. The Arabs have adapted to and adopted many other cultures and traditions. Bush Zionist clan, Kissinger and Albright and Company want permanent wars where thousands of US youth will be killed. For what? Look at the coalition of the willing, which became the coalition of the billing and now the coalition of the killing. The US has become a pariah and is losing even their best friends. Even Berlusconi the Mafiosi is withdrawing troops from Iraq. Sooner or later, Bush will announce that the US is to withdraw from Iraq. Your sons would've been mere pawns. They are gone. They are killed. They are maimed. It will be too late, tomorrow. Reject Bush policies now. The angel of death has no vacations. Every day, in Iraq he is roaming to take more US lives.

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