U.S. Conscientious objector sentenced to seven months in prison

conscientious objectors facing repression

30 March 2005

USA/Germany: U.S. Conscientious objector sentenced to seven months in prison

Blake Lemoine, a U.S. conscientious objector, was sentenced by the Darmstadt military court of the US Armed Forces in Germany to seven months in prison on 28 March 2005.

Blake Lemoine tried to be discharged from the US military earlier this year, as he is opposed to the US occupation of Iraq based on his religious beliefs. He applied for conscientious objector status, but his application was never decided. Instead, he was charged with disobeying orders on 4 March 2005.

Blake Lemoine started a hunger strike in protest against the US Army's refusal to discharge him from the military. He also stopped carrying out any order, and was therefore charged with disobeying orders.

The Darmstadt court of the US Army sentenced him to seven months imprisonment, and ordered that he be discharged on a "other than honourable" discharge after serving his prison term.

War Resisters' International demands the immediate release of Blake Lemoine, and his recognition as conscientious objector.

War Resisters' International calls for letters of protest to the US authorities, or US embassies abroad. A protest email to US President
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