Breaking the Silence: Children’s Stories

On Thursday October 20 at 10 pm ET, PBS will air a shocking documentary that reveals a dark secret of our nation’s family courts – that some domestic abusers also physically and sexually abuse their children, and judges are awarding them custody!

Breaking the Silence: Children’s Stories presents the stories of mothers who lost custody to their batterers and of children who tell the horror of being placed in the custody of parents they have named as their physical and sexual abusers. It exposes the discredited theory of Parental Alienation Syndrome, which claims that mothers brainwash children into saying they are abused, and shows how misinformed and sometimes corrupt judges and lawyers rely on PAS as a basis for awarding custody to abusers.

Please join Stop Family Violence in thanking PBS for bringing this important issue to light.

Visit for more information and to show PBS your appreciation by telling your stories and showing your professional, organizational or individual support. We will compile your comments and deliver them to PBS.

Together we can..
Irene Weiser

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