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Reba in her "glamour photo" -- Ready for my close up, mr, de Ville

If I don't want to be known,
I cannot be known.
The best actor can divide role from self.
The best liar can divide truth from falsity.

People think that they know you. Soon you begin to play the role that they place on you. Why should you act a certain way to please others? You should do things from your inner awareness and from your own feelings. If they do not accord with the herd, then so much the better.

You should change when it pleases you. Your life is flexible. If you let other people shape you, then you will never know independence.

The sages say that all life is illusory, and they usually lament this. The way of Tao s to use this fact and not let it oppress you. If you want to dodge others, then step behind one of the myriad illusions in this world. If you do not volunteer anything and you neither conform or deny, the opinions of others can never stick to you. Then you will be left in peace.

True sages never go by appearances. When it comes to introspection, they are not deceived by the appearances their own minds spew out. They know that if they want to get at the truth, then they must pierce to the very core.

So if you would hide from others, avail yourself of the false appearances of life. If you would know yourself, distinguish between the false appearances of life. Above all, do not be put off by the illusory nature of life. Use it. Everything in this life can be an advantage to the wise.

365 Tao
daily meditations
Deng Ming-Dao (author)
ISBN 0-06-250223-9

Reba waiting for her close-up
in the series of Reba Exhibit photographs:
Motorola V220 cell phone photoshop filters
©2005.12.11 lisbeth west

I want to thank all of those who have responded to my request about vegan health diet and herbal remedies for cancer in dogs. Reba has a small stroke last Saturday night and we took her in to her vet to discover that the mass that was small and "not to be worried about" was indeed cancer. We are asking any and all resources we can find for our Reba. We are blessed to be near the Veterinary Hospital at Colorado State University — where holistic medicine and acupuncture is an excellent option for us.

Thank you for your patience at this time. I have spent every moment caretaking her and assisting her in learning how to walk a bit better after her small stroke. She is doing well.

I have only been able to focus on my personal meditation, consulting the Oracle and working on this photo exhibit of my dear Reba. Thank you for your tolerance and patience. We will do well with your healing energy sent her way. We are grateful for so many wonderful friends.

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