dao sustaining

Chinese characters for "sustaining"

Reba's gift of vision

Orange and gold carp,
Living beneath ice.
Uncaring of the world above,
Sustained by the water below.

In the rapidly chilling autumn, ponds begin to ice over. The waters become deep, dark, and mysterious, but in those depths the fish can survive the coming winter.

Tao may be known as directly as water is knowable to a fish. My Tao will not be the same as your Tao. We are both individuals, each with different backgrounds and thoughts. As soon as Tao enters into us, it takes on the colors of our inner personalities. When it passes out of us, it returns again to its universal nature. This is an ongoing and constant process, like water flowing through a fish’s gills. Just as the water nurtures the fish, so too does Tao nurture and sustain us. As long as we continue our immersion in Tao, we will be as safe as a carp in water. When we separate from Tao, we are as helpless as a fish out of water.

365 Tao
daily meditations
Deng Ming-Dao (author)
ISBN 0-06-250223-9

in the series of Reba Exhibit photographs:
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©2005.15.11 lisbeth west

Has anyone worked with animals preparing for the transition? There are many questions that Reba holds, due to a great deal of abandonment and mistreatment in her first 6 years, before she came to live with me. She is afraid, needs preparation, .but I have never had an animal with this much imbalance about the change. I plan to read the Book of the Dead for her. Please contact me if you have any input or support to give me. I have worked with human hospice "preparation" and the transition. This is new for me, my other animals have passed here and were unafraid. I look at my clinging ego and know that my denial is just leaving....

Thank you to Gabi for yet another talent and gift: She is E 明朝 a specialist in Apitherapy and her work, along that of thousands around the world, can bee seen at where we will find her listed as " Gabi Greve, Dr. med. (Managing Director); GokuRakuAn International Culture Center;.. ; Japan"

Another dear friend noted this, which has been my belief since meeting Reba:
“I do not know what your beliefs on reincarnation are, but I would suggest the following: It sounds as though Reba is preparing to make the step into a human existence the next time around. When we achieve a heightened spiritual awareness, we tend to awaken people, places and things. From the pictures it is rather apparent that she is on that cusp of humanity. With that come the fears of loss of self and loved ones.

I would suggest a period of meditation and a soul to soul communication between you. Love never dies, even if the forms we take in life do.
Sil ”

And a conversation with another wonderful friend went this way:
... ?? Is she reading your mental pictures? ...
I am trying to keep the mantra of ‘rushing water does no work’ as I speak with her... trying to visualize luminosity... What do you think would help? I have no fear except that I may not be there when she passes... However it has never happened with any other children. I have been blessed with the gift of being with them when they passed. Fear of abandoning her is in dreams, and I know that type of ego work does bleed over...
thank you Mike, Keep writing!
i think she is picking up on some recent problem you are worrying about sit on your favorite rock or sit next to your favorite plant. they will give you clearer answers.
With love
You have no idea the gratitude for gifts you are sharing with me during this time. I have several of Gabi's original photographs ready for the daily meditations, but am continuing to follow the focus of my mind's eye right now. Perhaps I use that too much and have intellectualized myself out of listening... I am listening though!

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