Local election account to Canadian readers

Friends in Canada ask:


what does the bird's eye say?

d'ya got a scenario for how the republicans will win white house again, by spinning the past 7 years onto the new house and senate?

snowbirds want to know the sqwaaaak.


Oh dear oh dear, I feel somewhat like the white rabbit with the confused thoughts of nothing ... I wondered if my friends in were even alive, and then to discover that my email has been bouncing, oh, my. No Cheshire grin here... )

I think the demoplicans are always going to be around, their shape and form a bit like Alice and her pills. there was true voting machine fraud, colorado IS one of at least 5 states that are suing.

The voting lines were 4 hours long, from some 380 voting places (at the last election) to only 70 in the entire Denver metro area. Screens crashed, computers gagged, and people actually waited. It WAS 70 degree weather. I saw a news report outside the Botanical Gardens where a young man was playing a swingin electric piano to woo the crowds. They seemed pleased at his antics and someone went for ice cream (but that is capitol hill, my old stomping grounds)..

I was awake the entire night. Went to acupuncture the next day and knew he was hitting the right qi, but damned if I knew how.

Many progressives are now calling for impeaching the bastards. (cheney included) and its going to be just another thing for the antiwar movement to split energy over.. ITS THE WAR, STUPID! and isn't it convenient that we get to thing, alas to dream of seeing heads Roll.

Around here there were no rolling heads. Musgrave (progressives refer to her as "Muskrat") won afuckinggain, even though she is on the top all-time most 10 corrupt politicians list and her main campaign platform was to ensure that queers couldn't marry. does that give ya an idea of where I live?

I voted three weeks ago. Mail. Love it.

The campaigns were very very very nasty. I AM pleased that we have Bill Ritter (D) as gov, as I have actually worked with him on several domestic violence issues (he was a DA) and find he is actually quite a bit human. Not quite like the turncoat like Ben WhiteHorse Campbell, who (literally) stood at my side when we were fighting for rights for queers; and the bastard went to DeeCee and became a repunganten once in office.

The abortion ban in South Dakota did NOT go through. Had it gone through, women would have been in the same situation as I was in when I first had to endure the battle over my uterus. "health of mother, rape, incest. gotta prove mom would die" (by the time I got through the four different panels of judges and doctors, I was too late and had to fly to Portland for a saline induced delivery) I do digress, but at least now you know why I was ready to go to my mother's home town to fight the damned war...

Lets see. No, an ounce of pot is still a slap on the wrist instead of the proposed In You Face attitude that the law would have created. We got a minimum wage amendment in the CO. constitution, which was seen as a hideous and horrid tax on the community, bound to cause a fall on Wall Street. Queers can't legally marry here, but now they can pull the plug on their partners and get health insurance together.

In the entire race? Knowing that Peloski is going to be House Speaker gives me giggles, but then again, so does seeing the ducks chasing each other.

They are letting Rummy out to dry, and there are already war crimes charges against him. NOTE about the scenes behind the curtain: (thanks to Greg Palast)
[President Bush is one lucky fella. I can imagine him today on the intercom with Cheney: "Well, pardner, looks like the game's up." And Cheney replies, "Hey, just hang Rummy out the window until he's taken all their ammo."]

So it appears to more than this duck that Saddam's trial should be appended to include Bush and Cheney indicted for war crimes. Rather (Center for Constitutional Rights) is en route to Germany to file a case against Rummy for Guantanamo crimes.

What will change? The bull is already out the chute, and the rodeo clowns sent to keep it calmed down are only fooling themselves. When Saddam was captured (well, when we SAW the media coverage of the hole thing) Bush and sonsofB had the second half of the PATRIOT Act signed. I guess he thought the trial would give him a few extra numbers. But October was one of the deadliest for our military and now the wounded are returning with a super bug.

The Fascist Act (my term) is deeply embedded in our law now. It will be like cleaning up after a roomful of three-year old children to make change. We lost our civil liberties (as they were) years ago. I still miss Carter, and remain aghast that the amerikan people knew that Regan loaned him AirForceOne to meet the hostages being released from Iran.. and that Ollie is back in the saddle (not the one with Stanley, that's for certain)...

Bulls hit aside, here is a bit of subject matter from my inbox:
  • OUTLAW EMPIRE MEETS THE WAVE (counter currents);
  • U.S. Foreign Policy Set to Change Dramatically (from IPS Jim Lobe);
  • The Secret World of Robert Gates (Tom Paine) hey, he was part of the Iran Contra "scandal" (I always called it the blood barter, but thats beside the boot);
  • The Nation (I lose respect for them each day) are thrilled about the BLUE WAVE;
  • IN THESE TIMES tells us of the small demo in front of the WH were torture survivors and over 100 religious leaders were drizzled on while wearing Gitmo jumpsuits (I predict Calvin Klein will be releasing the new spring line, more of a peach colored one-piece, natural fibers of course..);
  • OP ED ROB, who usually is somewhat balanced, is calling it a "Joyful Day";
  • the Gals IN PINK who tend to not speak in CODES are calling for celebration (wait ladies, there is more to see behind the curtain;
  • SOJOURNERS is calling it a defeat for the religious right, and all my "Know Thine Enemy" subscriptions are calling it a travesty, Armageddon coming...;
  • DAVE LINDHORFF was in Philly today, calling for impeachment (to match those new colors of jumpsuits);
  • Ron Zucker of 20/20 thinks its a bright new day;
  • while dear Danny Schechter, the News Dissector wonders if the impeachment might just be a bit too late
  • Marxists are certain that the Latinos were the driving force behind the change at the polls (why did they vote republicrat before, to make such a change? I will never understand politics no matter how many hours I steam over these papers;
  • What matters most to me today is not the Philly demonstration, the imminent death of an Amnesty International supported twenty-something year old on death row... but focus, focus, focus. Ed Bradley kicked just in time to wipe those minds clean again. We all know what will be discussed on 60 minutes this Sunday.
The Independent media isn't really noticing the change in the movement of war resisters. I talked to Gerry Condon and Kyle Snyder today. They were just leaving a Vets demonstration where Snyder spoke, (Kyle Snyder, not the baseball player, left Your Fair Country to turn himself in to Fort Hood after his lawyer arranged a deal to get "less than honorably discharged". Instead, he was told to report to his unit in Iraq. Gerry got his ass outa there and they are working their way home)

Ivan Brobeck returned from Canada and arrived on Veteran's Day to bring the Shrub a letter requesting that he end the war NOW (and was arrested)... And the conscientious objector that I have "adopted" still is imprisoned in Germany, where the powers think he will be forgotten..

Pablo Parades refused to step foot on the Navy's warship a year ago is now out of prison and heads up one of our most important GI hotlines, and Carl Webb called me the day he got out of jail, saying that they were getting tired of him and thought the wind had shifted...

What matters to me is that you remain gracious hosts to at least 30 (that's the official media account, ha!) war resisters and more are on their way. Thank you.

Thats what I think of the changes. I am sorry, though... what was the question? Oh, yea.

Am I blue? Are these tears in my eyes because of ...

ducks are free and some can fly
( '?

(is my time up yet?)

To see what I thought of the election results Wednesday morning, hoarse from screaming about muskrat, go to

When people no longer fear authority
a greater authority will appear
don't restrict where people dwell
don't repress how people live
if they aren't repressed
they won't protest
thus the sage knows herself
but doesn't reveal herself
she loves herself
but doesn't exalt herself
thus she picks this over that

Dao de Jing # 72
translated by Red Pine

more to come on Socialist winner!

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