Taoist thought: Rest

Appearing means life
disappearing means death
thirteen are the followers of life
thirteen are the followers of death
but people living to live
join the land of death's thirteen
and why
because they live to live
its said that those who guard life well
aren't injured by soldiers in battle
or harmed by rhinos or tigers in the wild
for rhinos have nowhere to sink their horns
tigers have nowhere to sink their claws
and solders have nowhere to sink their blades
and why
because for them there is no land of death

daodejing #50
translated by Red Pine

Chinese characters for the word "rest"

reba as a warhol design

The year's end is coming
I feel great contentment.
Completion means rest.
Rest means renewal.
Renewal means new beginnings.

Perseverance is a great virtue, but perseverance cannot be cultivated without endings. Perseverance does not mean an endless engagement in Sisyphean tasks. It means beginnings, middles, and ends, and then starting over again. We are nearing the end of our year, but we could not contemplate this ending without having gone through the completions of all the days and months that have come before.

It's good to look toward the end of things. Not only does it provide perspective, but it also provides the stepping-stone to our next endeavor. When things end, it should ideally mean the attainment of our goals. We should start everything with a definite goal in mind; otherwise our lives will lack purpose . Once we attain our goals, we should be glad and rest. We need the time for our psyches to absorb the significance of our acts. With rest comes renewal, and with renewal we can build the force of our characters and thereby stand stronger for our futures.

In the countryside farmers frequently nap in their carts of hay as their mules automatically take them back home. They know how to make achievements and rest at the same time!

Deng Ming-Dao
365 Tao Daily Meditations
ISBN 0-06--250223-9
"RebA WArhOL"
© 2006 lisbethwest

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