“Everywhere you look today there’s a story about Charley (effing) Sheen.”

“Everywhere you look today there’s a story about Charley (effing) Sheen.”

Yes, that is the the lead line in the story (Under the title of "community news") titled:

Charlie Sheen Doesn't Need 12 Step Recovery

And Says You Don't Either

Many people whose lives have been saved by twelve steps have taken offense to the distasteful way Mr. Sheen quoted (or should I say “misquoted”) out of one of the most recognizable recovery text available around the world. For some it may have felt as if their holiest books had been tossed aside.

But this wasn't the Talmud, the K'oran, or the Bible. It was the Big Book.

Why all the anger and confusion, you ask? I personally know many people whose lives are completely changed by following the twelve steps and twelve traditions of whatever fellowship we find fits us the best. So I get the idea that throwing a book away is really tough to see.

However, these are simply texts written many years ago to help the addict to stay clean.

I am unwilling to depart with my grey form - the precursor to the NA Basic Text. I have shared in many a study hours about the roots of our literature; and been involved with more engaging discussions than I care to mention. But the truth is that the words do make a difference in our lives.

However the actions of recovery speak louder than even Charlie Sheen in a manic state can destroy.

Threatened by someone trashing the steps? Then practice the spiritual principles that the steps and traditions should be teaching you.

Love thy neighbor. Know that there's always going to be a copy of your book available to you. And remember the cliche - there but for the grace of .....

love from this addict in Colorado

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LOVE and TOLERANCE is our code