A few words shared about the disease of addiction; as well as money, property and prestige ...

in reply to a copyrighted newsletter that asked for feedback:

The "ridiculous" shows you talk about are the very ones that got me back on the right track after a relapse, and if I remember correctly ITR embraced the interventionists when they got involved with this website.

That said: When Rush Limbaugh admitted his addiction, it was a bit issue with me and the progressive community I am involved with. He is one of my family now. As is said about many situations in the free world "I may not agree with what you say but I will defend to my death your right to say it."

This situation is much more critical than many others. He is dying before our very eyes. I pray that his family gets him on a course of intervention and pray that he finds recovery before he dies.

It's scary watching our own disease manifest itself so loudly and blatantly in front of us, but if you remember THAT IS THE DISEASE OF ADDICTION TALKING and if you think it's gone from your thinking, just look at how disgusted you are about it being everywhere. One finger pointing out leaves three pointing back at you.

Since you took the opportunity to put yourself first and list your accomplishments in the article, I might just say that the article appears to be filled with addictive thinking and that isn't just quoting Charlie Sheen. Who did the photoshopping of the picture? Would you do this with any other family member who desperately needs to get in the rooms of a twelve step fellowship?

When I pray for the sick and suffering addict, I pray for that addict without concern for their social status or wealth, their drug of choice or whether they are living under a bridge or have a bridge named after them.

Anonymity means (among other things) that we are all of one mind, we are all the same, there is no distinction. Principles before personalities comes to mind LOUDLY HERE. You are me and she is we and they are us and WE ARE ALL TOGETHER.

Prayer to all addicts who are still suffering and thank you Craig Ferguson who comes out and says "I won't tell any jokes about people struggling with addiction. It's life and death." Celebrity or not, left or right, regardless of age race creed sexual identity religion or lack of religion -- you are my family.

I live in a world where "when one of us is in pain, we all feel the ramifications of that pain" -- I might be a stranger to you but I will stand up for your right to do whatever it takes to find recovery. God bless family, friends, loved ones and most of all, the addict. Pray Them Up In These Rooms.

I personally keep them on my prayer list (even Limbaugh) cuz I know that tradition TWELVE is one of the most important ones in the book (besides the other eleven). love and respect,

lizzie from Colorado

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