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Bush, Christian Right and Zionism

Ibrahim Ebeid, Al-Moharer

December 5, 2004 - George W. Bush was reselected to be the Imperial President of the United States by the extreme political and Christian right. He was entrusted to rule four more miserable years. The United States will suffer under his tyranny, more young people will die in Iraq in vain and more Iraqis will suffer and die as well.

The Christian Right are Christians who are not right Christians but racist Zionists and President Bush became their representative and their advocate. President Bush is not a right Christian, he dose not follow the teaching of Christ. Christ came to spread love, harmony and peace on Earth but President Bush came to murder, spread fear, horror and terrorize the Earth. Any country that does not follow him would be attacked and ruined.

Iraq was a country that progressed and chose its way in developing itself for its own benefits and for the benefits of the Arab Nation as a whole. It believed in an Arab ideology, which is nationalist in character and humanitarian in scope. To be effective in participating in the advancement of the world the Arab World has to be liberated, free and united.

Palestine was occupied and a racist entity was established there in Palestine. The Palestinians became refugees and most of them are scattered around the World. This is a catastrophe, which was created by the Imperialist West who was responsible for the creation of the racist Zionist entity.

Iraq believes in the reunification of the Arab land and has realized that Palestine was occupied and the majority of its people were forced, under the gun, to live in exile. Zionists from around the World are squatting in the homes of the Palestinians. Of course this is unjust; no people should be deprived from having a normal life with dignity in their own land. Palestine has to be liberated, its people should return to their cities, towns and villages. Palestine should be liberated and restored to the Arab fold in order to achieve Arab Unity.

George W. Bush adopted the Christian right ideology, which is Zionist, and he became a pawn in the hands of this unchristian movement, which poses danger not only to other countries but to the United State as well. The Zionist ideology that he embraced is a racist one that poses a grave danger to the entire World and the United States is not excluded.

Zionism, which was born in the Imperialist West, found a strategic ally in Imperialist USA. This racist movement was capable of dominating the United States and dragging it to launch a war of aggression against Iraq to occupy and ruin it. This war was waged on behalf of “Israel” and the Christian Zionist were behind it to hasten the second coming of Christ.

The Zionists played a major role in this racist war against the Arab Nation. The Zionist entity was entrusted by the Imperialist United States to destroy, kill Palestinians and annex what was left of Palestine. The United States was entrusted by the Zionist entity to destroy Iraq in order to keep “Israel” expanding to realize the dream of Zionism for greater “Israel”.

“Israel” is playing a major role in the war in Iraq. Despite American concealment of this fact, Al Hayat newspaper reported that soldiers, officers and rabbis of dual citizenships took part in the battles and that some of the “Israelis” were killed by the resistance's bullets ( http://www.uruknet.info/?p=7509 ), but that is only the tip of the iceberg. The killing of an “Israeli” officer in Fallujah exposed the existence of a large number of “Israeli” officers, snipers, and paratroopers in Iraq. Based on Zionist “Israeli” press statistics, “Israel” currently has no fewer than 1,000 officers and soldiers scattered around the American units working in Iraq. In addition, 37 rabbis are operating within the American troops, which lead us to believe that the real number is greater.

Reports that come to us from Iraq confirm the cooperation of the Zionist entity with the United States on the aggression against Iraq. The Mossad is scattered in the North as well as in the South. Offices are opened in these areas. Land is being acquired by Zionist Jews in Kirkuk, Mosul Sulaymaniah and in other cities. Also it was reported that Allawi is sending his top officers to Israel” to get training how to fight against “guerilla warfare” and that Israel is also strengthening its relation with the Kurdish leadership, which started decades ago with Mustafa Barazani.

Many reports came from Fallujah that the United States soldiers were using forbidden arms in this embattled city. The Sunday Mirror of London reported on November 28, 2004 that the US troops were secretly using outlawed napalm and gas to wipe out “remaining insurgents” in and around Fallujah, though that napalm was forbidden and outlawed by the United Nations in 1980.

Since that American Zionist onslaught on Fallujah citizens and reporters have reported seeing many corpses scattered in the streets that look melted and charred as a result of the use of napalm.

The United States had used outlawed weapons before, in Bosnia and in Iraq. Depleted uranium was used in Iraq at a large scale in 1991 by George W. H. Bush and during the invasion by George W. Bush, the son. The water of the Iraqi rivers and lakes were poisoned and the marine life was destroyed. The soil also was poisoned, including the air and the environment became unsafe for man, animal and plant.

Fallujah became a ruined city; its citizens are not able to return. Its schools, homes and places are destroyed. Allawi claims that it is not safe for the citizens of Fallujah to return. They are not allowed to return and they are being forced to live in sickening conditions in the desert without food and shelter and if they return what they will find?

Ask Bush And Allawi!

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