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Bring our troops home from Iraq


January 17, 2005

Our soldiers in Iraq are risking their lives every day. These soldiers live in fear of not being able to see their families again. These soldiers must come home! Their morale goes down as they miss their families. The death toll in Iraq keeps going up. That means the families of those soldiers who died are in grief. The sorrows of families are the works of war.

This war also brought a lot of racism directed at Middle Eastern citizens in America. Many Middle Eastern people are mistaken for terrorists just because of their accents and their color. That is wrong and this war is wrong.

The war is being used to benefit American businesses. America picked Iraq because it is one of the weakest countries. What America is trying to do is to colonize Iraq so its oil supply is available for us.

It's really weird that America was attacked by terrorists in Afghanistan who are currently in hiding. Now we are in war with Iraq. That's kind of odd, don't you think?

It's also weird that so many countries possess weapons of mass destruction, but it was proven that Iraq had none. And that's what we went into Iraq in the first place to find, wasn't it?

America should get its troops out of Iraq. The soldiers want to come home, and we're pretty sure the people in Iraq want them to go home, too.

John Montoya is an eighth grader at Edward Bleeker Junior High School in Flushing.

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