Attorny will work to assist Active Military apply for Conscientious Objector status

Vietnam Veteran and Attorney Fredrick Klepp: A Valuable Resource for Active Duty Military Who Believe They Qualify as Conscientious Objectors

Jack Dalton, Project for the Old American Century

January 19, 2005

This is in response to the many emails I have received from people in the military asking me if I know a good attorney that might be able to help them as they attempt to file for Conscientious Objector status, among other problems they are confronted with today. I immediately turned to Fredrick Klepp.

I met Fredrick Klepp when I was working on the story of a young woman, 1st LT Jennifer Dyer, who had been raped at Camp Shelby, MS (just a couple of days before Christmas Jennifer was given an Honorable discharge—her rapist will stand trial in March thanks to Fred’s good “lawyer” work).

Since then I have gotten to know Fred and have found him to be a man that is not only dedicated, but committed as well, to providing good solid legal advice and help to those in the military as well as veterans. Makes sense, as Fred Klepp is a veteran himself.

As a young 1st LT in the Army, Fred found himself in Vietnam in 1968-69. As a result of his actions in Vietnam, Fred was awarded the Bronze Star Medal in 1969 as well as the Army Commendation Medal. In 1970, Fred became a part of the N.J. Army National Guard and retired as a full Colonel in 1995. He was certified as a trial attorney by the Judge Advocate General in 1969, and still is.

Before anyone starts thinking this is an “advertisement” in play here—it is not an advertisement in the business sense of the word. I am just fully aware of the need for an attorney when one buck’s the military system and status-quo. I am stating a little of Fred’s background for a very specific reason which simply stated is this: He wants to help those who believe they can no longer can participate in war because of religious or moral beliefs.

In a phone conversation with Fred a couple of days ago he stated to me that he is more than willing to come to the aid, defense, legal assistance for those active duty military who, because of deeply held religious or moral beliefs, can not participate in war in any form and wish to file for Conscientious Objector status.. As a privately retained attorney he is able to handle military cases throughout the country.

Just recently Sgt Kevin Benderman declared a refusal to deploy to Iraq, and has filed CO paper work. 22 people in Kevin’s unit have gone AWOL rather than deploy to Iraq.

Here is the link to Kevin’s statement as to how and why he refuses to be a war participant: /voices_004.htm It is people like Kevin, Fred Klepp has told me he wants to be of assistance to and for.

The ONLY reason I am hyping Fred is simply due to the fact I know him, have had many conversations with him over a period of months, and know him to be a man of ethics, integrity, and a man that has seen war up close and personal, which has given him an understanding of why people would refuse to be participants in war.

So, for those who are contemplating the action of Sgt Kevin Benderman, and the growing numbers of others making the same decision, you will not be able to get thru the process of combating the Army without someone who knows the ins and outs of military law and procedures. And Fred Klepp is just such a man.

My only interest in providing the contact information for Fred Klepp is due to the fact he is willing and ready to come to the aid of those who say, “hell no, we won’t go.” Here is the link to Fred’s law office web site. /index.jsp Take a look, call him and talk to him, you will find out real quick that Fred is for real—no BS. If I were facing the same situation as Kevin and some of the others, I would not hesitate to call Fred. I’ve dealt with a lot of attorneys over the years and can honestly say, Fred is one of the best.

Jack Dalton is a Vietnam veteran, political writer and activist, as well as co-editor of the Project for the Old American Century publication and may be reached at /index.htm

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