DUBYA: Waxing messianic

Waxing messianic

By Jim Dodgins
Online Journal Contributing Writer

February 2, 2005—Whenever George Dubya waxes messianic we're all getting shined. Peering out over the inaugural podium at his reality of illusions, Dubya articulates a grand vision where he stamps out tyranny and creates a homogenous world. This all invokes déjà vu.

The last time Dubya expounded such high-minded ideals, he resorted to underhanded tactics that recruited fanatic Islamic fundamentalists faster than the world's greatest killing machines can dispatch them to Allah; and exposed more star-spangled bigots than you can wave a flag at, all marching to the same jingoistic tune. Their patrioteering has only marginalized our rights while inflating the profit margins for GM, Wal-Mart, BP, et al—all sponsors of Dubya and the corporate minions that stack his cabinet.

Dubya has formed the malleable masses into an altered state by serving up a goat (Iraq) while feasting off our sacred cows, including Justice, Liberty and Equality, leaving us filled with only emptiness. Their plutocracy has left no weapons contractor behind as we mushroom into the world's greatest proliferator of war and destruction, beating out the next 15 war-mongering nations combined.

Only 1 percent of one year's total expenditures on war could educate every child on the planet for a decade. Where are the pro-lifers and Christian fundamentalists when you need them—this culture of fish living in the confines of a puddle, expounding on the seas.

Every night we sit idly by and watch as the corporate-driven media give us a keyhole view of the world, sanitized for viewer consumption, complete with omissions, distortions, and biases, relieving us of the burden of thinking.

Our leader's noble rhetoric cannot be preceded by ignoble acts if the U.S. is to become an honest broker in the world. We can no longer choose the lesser of two evils, for this only leads to greater evil and cultivates an environment of hate throughout the world. We can no longer turn a blind eye toward those with special interests and their self-serving agendas. Nor can we support sanctions that only feed propaganda and the apparatus of tyranny and terrorism while leaving the innocent sick, hungry, and wanting—like Iraq, where as many as 500,000 innocent people died because of sanctions.

If we continue down this path, all we need do is look back to see what lies ahead for us. The pimping of democracy has perpetuated ignorance, bred intolerance, and ultimately given birth to hatred. Our perverse bedfellows have been willing to prostitute their population for personal gains, and rape their natural resources to pander to the corporate world. These relationships should have been aborted at conception to avoid the miscarriage of justice and bloodshed that ensued.

Our imperialistic desires have only galvanized ideologies and stimulated the growth of terrorism throughout the world, condemning us to perpetual war, where our military protects corporate interests and strengthens corporate dominance as we move further from a free and open society and down the path toward a true fascist state.

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