April Fools Joke Backfires: No 14 Year Old Recruits


An article, published by Pointblank Media, has been circulating on the Internet that alleges there is a new military recruiting program that allows 14 year olds to join the military, and receive pay while still underage. Those who join this “pre-enlistment program” are then obligated to go into a combat role upon turning 18.

The Center contacted Pointblank Media in Des Moines, Iowa. The editor told us, “It was an April Fools joke.” The editor stated that he thought that some elements were so outrageous that everyone would realize that it couldn’t be true. He said that they are getting 100 calls and emails a day, and they wanted us to tell everyone that it is a joke, and to just stop calling.

Some things in the story are obviously untrue, like the pay they receive is an advance on their combat pay which would have to be repaid if the child was killed or disabled before actually serving 2 years in combat, but the well written story has many elements of truth, like statistics about the real recruiting shortfall. It also includes ‘quotes’ from parents and military officials. These elements of the story are apparently confusing many people, causing them to think this is a legitimate story.

THIS STORY IS NOT TRUE. Please spread the word.

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