US activists support Venezuelans

Venezuelan solidarity in the US

Activists in the United States organised a series of events to broaden the understanding of what is happening in Venezuela, during the week of April 11-17. Documentaries on the Bolivarian revolution and the coup were shown, including screenings of the award winning documentary The Revolution Will Not Be Televised in Chicago, New Jersey, Minneapolis and Washington DC. Groups involved in organising screenings to commemorate the coup included the Association of Black Collegiates, Student Multi-Cultural Center, World Festival of Youth & Students Minnesota Local Organizing Committee, North-West New Jersey Peace Fellowship, Amanda Liberdat Bolivarian Circle and the Peace and Justice Coalition of the Prince George's County.

Journalists union supports Venezuela

On April 9, the British National Union of Journalists (NUJ) annual delegates meeting passed a motion supporting Venezuela's ‘‘revolution of the poor’‘ and offering Venezuela solidarity against any attack on its sovereignty. The motion criticised the role of the Venezuelan media is supporting the coup against Chavez and other undemocratic actions by the US-backed opposition inside Venezuela.

The motion committed the NUJ to raising the need to build solidarity with Venezuela amongst the broader trade union movement, to participate in a trade-union delegation to Venezuela, to build links with Venezuelan trade unionists and to work for these aims with the Hands Off Venezuela solidarity group.

For the full text of the motion passed, visit

From Green Left Weekly, April 20, 2005.


Anonymous said...

While I applaud Senor Chavez for his solidarity with the poor and downtrodden, I think I have a duty to question why a website about peace and compassion is so quick to support a man who is buying arms and rapidly building his military. Perhaps I am just a victim of mainstream western media and don't know the real picture. What is the truth behind the allegations of this rapid militarization? Is it just a myth perpetuated by our media to breed animosity against a peoples revolution? Please help.

perplexed in Toronto

Les Blough said...

Dear Anonymous,

Your question, "Is it just a myth perpetuated by our media to breed animosity against a peoples revolution? - - Hugo Chavez has a trained military reserve of about 180,000. The population of V. is about 26 million. This year, the Venezuelan government has purchased 100,000 AK 47 rifles and about 26-30 military helicopters from Russia. He is replacing rifles in the reserve that are about 50 years old. However, there should be no mistake - More and more civilians are receiving military training and being armed to help prevent an invasion from the United States. U.S.-backed: assassination attempts on Chavez; the 2002 coup; the managerial strike of PDVSA (V's oil industry) and continued threats of invasion and assassination have led the Venezuelan government to do everything they can to warn the U.S. that any invasion would be met with an armed, empowered populace. So it's not a "myth" that the V. governement is "buying arms and rapidly building their military". It's a fact. However, you are absolutely correct - that the corporate media is attempting to build a case that the V. military and arms purchases represent a threat - a threat to those who would violate their national sovereignty and invade their land. Those who doubt that the U.S. would attempt an invasion of Venezuela for their oil need only to look east to Afghanistan (the pipe line to the Caspian oil reserves) and of course, Iraq. - Les Blough, Editor,