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More than 300 million strong, the world's indigenous peoples are beginning to make themselves heard, in international arenas like the new United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues, and at the national level, where their growing numbers are translating into political muscle. Via its local writers, IPS endeavours to transmit these indigenous voices and untangle their issues for a global audience.
ENVIRONMENT-MEXICO: From Prison to Awards Ceremony for Indigenous Activist
By Diego Cevallos
MEXICO CITY - In the past two years, Isidro Baldenegro, an indigenous activist from Mexico, went from prison and death threats to posh hotels and award ceremonies.

DEVELOPMENT: Making Every Drop Count
By Isaac Baker
UNITED NATIONS - For years, the Yellow Quill First Nation, a small indigenous community of 1,000 people located in the south-central region of Canada's Saskatchewan province, was forced to boil all its drinking water because the local water sources were limited and despicable.

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LATIN AMERICA: Indigenous Filmmakers Give Glimpse into Their World
By Humberto Márquez
CARACAS - A painter's search in the Peruvian jungle for plants that would reproduce the colour blue served as the inspiration for the grand-prize winner at the latest Anaconda Awards, a regional competition for videos made in South America's tropical rainforests.

RIGHTS-BRAZIL: Indigenous Groups Welcome Gov't Decision on Reserve
By Mario Osava
RIO DE JANEIRO - Indigenous groups welcomed a decision by the Brazilian Justice Ministry Friday to formalise the demarcation of the Raposa Sierra del Sol reserve in the northern state of Roraima.

BRAZIL: Landless Farmers, Indigenous Peoples Unite in Fight for Land
By Mario Osava
RIO DE JANEIRO - Landless campesinos and indigenous people promise to shake up Brazil throughout the rest of April and the first weeks of May, with a tent city in the capital, occupations of unproductive land throughout the country, and a march on the capital.

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