Iraq Rocked by Insecurity and Chaos

Iraq Rocked by Insecurity and Chaos

Baghdad, Apr 5 (Prensa Latina) Confirmation of the deaths of 14 soldiers, including three from the US, as well as two car bomb explosions and the kidnapping of an Iraqi General marked the state of insecurity and chaos prevailing in Iraq on Tuesday.

A US central command statement confirmed today the death of a member of the US Marine 2nd Division in the western locality of Al Anbar. The note failed to provide further detail on the incident.

Another two US soldiers were killed on Monday in Diyala area, northeast of the capital. An Iraqi soldier was also killed in this incident whose details were not provided either.

At least 1,539 US servicemen have been killed, mainly in insurgent attacks, in 24 months of aggression and occupation of Iraq. The Pentagon has refused to tell the number of wounded. Unofficial sources say they amount to over 10,000.

Bodies of ten members of the Iraqi National Guard with bullet wounds were found in Saft a Laban neighborhood, southern Baghdad, Iraq´s Ministry of Interior said on Tuesday.

The time of their death or disappearance has yet to be established.

The action seems to be part of an insurgent strategy to harass members of local armed corps subordinated to the US-led coalition.

Meanwhile, rebels set off a vehicle loaded with explosives near an Iraqi Army checkpoint on the road leading to Baghdad airport, one of the most dangerous in this Arab country.

A second car bomb exploded in Al Dora district, south of Baghdad, destroying three armored vehicles in a US convoy.

No toll was reported by the US command in this incident, but a number of witness said to have seen several soldiers wounded.

Meanwhile, General Yalal Mohamed Saleh was kidnapped along with several bodyguards by a resistance commando in Al Mansur neighborhood, western Baghdad.

The fate of the Iraqi Army 7th Armored Bridage commander currently serving in the Ministry of Interior is still unknown.

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