by James Retta (Monday 21 March 2005)

"Our continued disrespect for mid-east cultures provoked the criminal element in that society. In every society there are criminals. By the reckless use of force and resulting disrespect for other cultures, the U.S. and British governments gave excuses to those few criminal elements in mid-east society to commit mass murder for a “cause,”—which is only an excuse, but a “cause” nevertheless, hence, the U.S. and British governments have grown "terrorist."

Holocaust was resurrected in Iraq by British and U.S. dictatorial fascism. As in 1930s and 1940s Germany, the Jewish people screamed for help but the Fascist German government of the time prevented their screams from being heard through strict control over news companies and news services (also called the Propaganda Machine). The U.S. today commits this same crime against humanity by covering up and silencing protests against the U.S./British murder and mass murder of Iraqis in Iraq. The Regime of Saddam Hussein was ended in April 2003. The freed Iraqi people and the world then rejoiced - briefly. Criminally, in April 2003, the U.S. and British government leaders ordered coalition forces guns turned around and began shooting and murdering and mass murdering Iraqi people to take control of their Iraqi oil industry and country. The Iraqi Crude War from April 2003 through to the present time has resulted in a holocaust in Iraq. Not only the faces we see on the news reports such as Bush, Blair, Chaney, Powell, Rumsfeld but also all the other corporation executives, News company executives, and many other conspirators that conspired to take Iraqi by force. They must all must be condemned by International Criminal Court Tribunal and their crimes must be immediately stopped by U.N. forces to prevent British/American Coalition forces from committing more murders. The Iraqi people are screaming for help exactly as the Jewish people screamed for help in fascist Germany of WWII. The hour has come and our chance to make up, at least in part, for our failure to prevent ultimate crimes against humanity and the Jewish holocaust.

History will record:

Holocaust in Iraq 1: The holocaust is against the Iraqi people causing 16,000, 30,000, 100,000 (?) Iraqi civilians dead, and that is in addition to thousands of soldiers sacrificing their lives. Are we not too late? After failed domestic and international protests, you and I can do nothing but stay home and watch the death toll of civilian deaths rise. Why? We all were prevented from doing anything to stop it by our existing British and American governments, through fascism leading to the creation of the Blair/Bush Coalition. The U.S. and British governments established fascism within an extremely limited democracy, and not only fascism, but fascism in its purest and most effective form. U.S. style Democracy (Federal Republic) and British Social Democracy became the perfect incubators for fascism despite being adversaries and ‘polar extremes’ in textbooks.

Holocaust in Iraq 2: The U.S. and Britain have been preparing for fascism for at least 30 years by increased police pressure on ordinary citizens, desensitization to killing innocent children and civilians in other countries by public acceptance of abortion at ‘home’, ignoring or trivializing massacres (in Africa, East Timor, Srebrenica Yugoslavia, Aceh, etc. and even a few obscure members of the press admit nothing was done when there was a choice), massive military spending and build-up, and development of a large news company and media alliance propaganda machine, and then finally their utilization around the world including the middle-east and Iraq (most notably Iraq after April 2003). According to the authors of fascism, those who are proponents of a utopian world peace, pacifism, and docility are deeply cowardice, against the divine struggle of national superiority, and not willing to make sacrifices for the fatherland. To the authors of fascism, war alone inspires the satisfying high level of human tension and “bravery” necessary for every citizen. Conquest is an essential element in this fascist scheme. This may manifest itself in different forms from direct invasion to controlling elections to threat of economic sanctions. They believe that, in the long run, peace is atrophy, disabling and detrimental to society. Hence the Iraqi people continue to die. We must remember 1930s and 1940s Europe to understand what is occurring within the U.S. and British countries and their military, business, and news company coalition.

Holocaust in Iraq 3: The first thing that the Fascist Nationalist Socialist of Germany and later Italy did starting in approx. 1933 was increased police presence and police authority over, not criminals, but over the average citizen. All common citizens in Germany were to accept police authority, ‘wrong or right’ including being forced to accept police verbal abuse and constant threat of arrest as standard police policy. Note that actual criminals actually did quite well within police and military establishments moving up in rank quickly rewarded for their ability to ”get things done” as a result of having no regard for human life and simple bullying of colleagues, fellow soldiers as well as citizens put in their charge. Use of new laws and increased police power to make it difficult for citizens to protest in only the most government controlled and subdued environments further straight-jacketed the ordinary citizen. This included ignoring all forms of peaceful protesting included tight propaganda machine news information filtering and by government (as in today’s News Company Coalition) restrictions on reporting of the actual protests.

Holocaust in Iraq 4 “Papa, watch out, be on your guard!”: 1930s German and Italian parents, as parents in Britain and the U.S. do today, originally taught their children to respect others, to be polite, helpful, care about their community, work together, obey the law because it is the right thing to do (right in terms of' right and wrong'), to look up to the German and Italian government administrators, police and firefighters and others as heroes. At the same time, their children, with increasing frequency, saw their mothers, fathers, family, and friends constantly and repeatedly verbally abused, victims of combative police behavior and disrespect from every German and Italian police they saw, met, or encountered and over extremely trivial unavoidable matters or violations. Courtesy given to those in authority by themselves and their parents was not being returned. Their children began to think that their parents were bad, or that they themselves were bad, and always that the police are bad to be feared. Every time their sons or daughters saw a policeman they said "watch out there is a policeman," "hurry up mum get away from the police," "there is a mounted police, we better take a different way." Before that time, police were their friends, and they could ask police for help, and police existed to help the community.

Holocaust in Iraq 5 “more worried about police than criminals”: During the 1930s, police then slowly turned into the schoolyard bullies, juvenile delinquents, and borderline criminals that German parents and children avoided in the streets. This strategy was repeated by the U.S. and Great Britain in the last thirty years. Recent example: Thirty years ago, first time offenders were given ‘suggestions and advice’ by police, but during the last 30 years this gradually changed to ‘warnings’ (threats but no money needed to be paid), which then finally changed to only full ‘fines’ (money must be paid to the government for every offence big or small, first time or not) and constant verbal abuse. Entrapment and ‘sting operations’ against ordinary good citizens to instill fear and military type discipline in the masses as was done during the rise of fascism during the 1920s, 30s, and 40s. Even violating extremely trivial offences, German citizens began to fear police more than criminals and would rather not call police for help. They were afraid the police would harass them over a large variety of trivial matters, verbally abuse them, or arrest them or threaten to arrest them for defending themselves. Even the Pope could not avoid breaking the “law.”

Holocaust in Iraq 6 “Daddy, are we bad people?”: German police of the 1930s and 40s instilled hate in people by their bad behavior, disrespectful tone of voice, provoking a defensive response from everyone, putting violent retaliatory thoughts in the minds of ordinarily good people and otherwise decent people. People stopped respecting the law and began breaking the law out of simple spite, tired of being constantly treated like criminals. Incidents of petty theft, vandalism, arson, and juvenile delinquency increased, and normally non-violent criminals were pushed over the line to violent action reacting to offensive and disrespectful police behavior. Over time, it became increasingly critical to lock windows and doors and citizens were forced to buy more locks and security systems. These criminals were not poor starving people trying to survive, instead they were agitated, frustrated people, originally relatively respectful of authority, now turned into more serious criminals by an over burdensome law enforcement system that instills anxiety. They were committing acts of theft, vandalism, and various other anti-social behavior to release tension and in retaliation against police abuse all started and “triggered” by the police. Emotionally challenged, mildly psychologically disturbed, or anyone who happened to have normal worries in life were especially abused by police because police interpreted their imperfections as 'a personal attack against the policeman's pride.' Simple eye movement, head movement, or facial expressions could give a German police officer or German soldier an excuse to use verbally abusive language or threaten with arrest, make an arrest so that the average citizen was constantly putting on a nice but nervous act worried about every facial expression they made in a constant state of tension and anger, even rage, in the presence of police, all sparked by police behavior.

Holocaust in Iraq 7 “government workers in charge of helping strangers began to judge and criticize them”: Government administrators and workers caused many to evade duties such as paying taxes, because every time citizens went to them for help they were belittled or insulted. People who normally supported important programs such as taxation started to rebel. German men and woman in government positions of authority of any kind very often talked down to people in a condescending and disrespectful tone of voice as if they were talking to their 5 year old children at home, causing anger and defensive responses. Encouraged by government desire to instill servitude within its populace, it allowed proud government employees to replace real management with disrespectful ‘mother/child or ‘father/child’ relationships.’ The German government let this continue as another way to get people used to being told what to do without question. At the same time, good people tried desperately to teach their children to respect others, be courteous respect authority, sharing, helpfulness, team work, and living together with different people. At the same time they were forced to accept and tolerate a government which did the opposite.

Holocaust in Iraq 8 “Mommy, I wish the constable in my story book was a real person ”: German citizens, calling for emergency help, were often ignored simply because they did not use the correct wording or language ability, or ethic accent. As a result, people who were simply unhappy, had emotional problems or speech impediments were often ignored. Much unnecessary anger and rage, many hostile confrontations, injuries, unnecessary arrests, crime, and deaths were directly caused by 1930s and 40s German state and later Italy sanctioned abusive and disrespectful police and government administration behavior designed to “cow the masses” by frightening them into servitude with threats and through frequent displays of disrespect and force? This prepared the masses, especially the soldiers, for later major acts of aggression against neighboring countries by the government itself, violating international laws because the civilian population learned “to do what they are told” right or wrong.

Holocaust in Iraq 9 “My God in heaven against your God in heaven”: The primary goal of early fascist Nationalist Socialist doctrine was that people were only to look up to the government for leadership and not fathers, not mothers, and not God. Recent example: The woman’s rights amendments in the U.S. during the 1970s were not passed because women needed respect and equality, which they desperately needed. Instead, the woman’s rights movement was created by white businessmen, who wanted to replace minority men (who had families to support) with white woman and black woman to satisfy multiple government minority hiring laws. Businesses were ‘allowed to’ and ‘encouraged to’ legally break the law. By classifying woman as a minority, the government fulfilled several major objectives and legal requirements at one time. First, business leaders could reduce the amount of minorities they had to hire. Secondly, they could “legally” keep their racist and protectionist policies because white women, now classified as minorities, were of the same political and racial background as themselves. Thirdly, by the lure of making more money for their family, they brought women out of the home, away from their children, which destabilized and weakened the family unit. This was compounded by the fact that it was difficult for minority fathers to get work, hence taking the man’s authority away from the family. Minority men soon realized that their wives, who were at home taking care of the home and children, had a better chance of getting jobs then they did. Children looked to schools and local government leadership for guidance to replace what was now lacking in their families. Fathers were replaced by government leaders. In 1935, the German fascist ‘Fountain of Life’ created with SS supervision, made children property of the state, taught to fight for the ‘fatherland’ without questioning, and most never saw their parents. School was and is the primary environment for initiating children to government sanctioned political correctness and political ideology.

Holocaust in Iraq 10: In Germany of the 1930s and 40s, a gradual change and a separation from anything or anybody with a connection to the past was an important sub-strategy. Past leadership, past religion, past political parties and philosophies were to be forcibly forgotten by the new fascist Nationalist Socialist. Anything old was considered bad. All things new were considered good. Again in the build-up of fascist control in the U.S. in the last 30 years, students and the general public were taught, and continue to be taught, that any and all change is good, even bad change is good. Old is bad, and new is good. Carefully reinforced by U.S. publishing companies and news companies, this way of thinking was programmed into students and the general public. Political/Business leadership was and is complicit in this ‘brain-washing’ crime because it also was and is a key factor in controlling the consumer dollar. If old is bad and change is good then people were psychologically pushed into continually and repeatedly buying again and again to keep up with the latest technology, the ‘latest craze,’ and the latest fashions. Corporate leadership desires and political leadership desires merged and supported each other. Old ideas about mother and father, men and woman, religion and country, leadership, right and wrong, the value of human life, etc. all encouraged and reinforced by artificially elevated changes in clothing, fashions, art, music, school textbooks, architecture, and technology just exactly as done by the German fascist National Socialist regime during the 1930s and 40s. The power of the American/British and Pre-WWII German ‘Propaganda Machines’ is frighteningly real as it is capable of making the illogical appear logical and is able to coerce people into religiously believing even self-destructive ideology. If the public can be made to believes that ‘the public supports it’, and the public can be made to falsely perceives it as ‘something popular’ then they will ‘buy it.’ And that applies to ideology as well as products. For these crimes of deception, coercion, and mind-control against its own people, the British/American Coalition must be condemned and charged with crimes against humanity and betraying the faith of the American and British people.

Holocaust in Iraq 11: Under a fascist dictatorship government, no cause is necessary to force soldiers and citizens to, against their will, fight pre-determined “enemies of the state” even if there is no real threat, no real cause, and no real justification. If Bush/Blair Coalition Leadership publicly acknowledged that their aggression was motivated by a desire for personal financial gain for themselves and their coalition business partners, then they would be immediately condemned and prosecuted for war crimes. Hence, a fascist doctrine of ‘life, duty, struggle, country, and conquest’ as a divinely given ‘manifest destiny’, supplemented by certain “tangible” excuses such as WMD or Iraqis arbitrary labeled as ‘Saddam Hussein supporters’, must be manufactured and said to the public to “justify” invasion and mass murder. Iraq, as is Nigeria, Indonesia, Aceh, East-timor, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, etc., is an OPEC nation, or rich in oil, gas and mineral deposits.

Holocaust in Iraq 12 “Our leaders think we are ignorant, docile, and backward peasants”: 1930s and 40s fascist German government leadership gained vitality, confidence and great momentum from the belief that the German people were stupid and easily manipulated. It is the same today. Blair/Bush Coalition Leadership believes its citizens are stupid. Example: American/British Coalition leadership says that only ‘if over 50% of the population disagrees or protests, then the government, against its will, listen and if it does not cut into their economic plans, they may or may not act.’ Otherwise they can simply state that “they (protesters) don’t understand what we understand, so, for the protesters own good, we will ignore them.” Any voices of protest by less than 51% of the population can “legally” be completely ignored according to the “law.” This is not only a dictatorship, but it is also insanity. It is not democracy, not representation as our forefathers guaranteed, not based on the foundation model of democracy and republic which guarantees representation in government for all citizens and minorities. If the Bush/Blair Coalition “feels like it” and they are “in a good mood” and it “does not cost them anything” they may or may not allow proper democratic process and respond to protester demands. Bush and Blair Coalition leadership believe that you and I as American and British citizens are paralyzed and they are correct. They also believe we are deficient in awareness, knowledge, and intelligence. We are paralyzed by laws, police threats, lengthy and lethargic judicial system, kept very busy through a massive bureaucratic system, meaningless paper work, difficult and lengthy education and exam systems, complex permit system, etc.

Holocaust in Iraq 13 “What protests?”: Protests unanswered in a silent rage continue as Blair and Bush Coalition leadership and their powerful news service Coalition remove civil rights, violate human rights, create war, directly create terrorism and terrorist, commit crimes against humanity, create and welcome unrest, ethnic, and religious instability in other countries at will. They even indirectly created dictatorships like Fidel Castro, because of the U.S. government’s interest in domination instead of diplomacy (sharing), Fidel Castro was forced to set up an anti-American dictatorship because it was the only way to protect Cuba from constant clandestine and overt attacks from the U.S. government that continue to this day. Not because Castro wanted a dictatorship, but because he was forced to protect himself and his country. Long before his Russian alliance, he went to New York in peace but Nixon and U.S. government officials disrespected and rejected him because he was a non-subjugative and non-beguileable ‘peasant with different clothes.’ It was exactly the same fate for Iraqi Cleric Moqtada al-Sader, a good man defending his nation and culture, on his soil, peaceable and honorable, who condemned the kidnappings, who offered to talk peace. However, the U.S. Led Coalition rejected him sighting his insistence on equality, respect and his lack of response to threats of arrest by coalition forces. The U.S. and British governments believing that ultimatums, economic threats, or “take it or leave it deals” are viable diplomatic protocols. The British and U.S. governments then created derogatory words, special insulting labels to slander Cleric Moqtada al-Sader allowing public school students, comedians, bumper stickers and the media to openly ridicule him freely. This is “honorable,” “dignified,” and acceptable tactic according to U.S. and British Coalition Leadership. Even good men and women can be pushed beyond their limits, beyond what is humanly possible and Britain and the U.S. are continuously testing those limitations by “legally” breaking the law.

Holocaust in Iraq 14: The British and U.S. Governments claim that problems in society including crime, possible attacks from abroad, and economic instability, are caused by weak state militia or not enough policeman, guns and bullets, therefore justifying increase military and police size, strength, authority, spending, R & D etc. Ironically, these are what caused the problems of civil unrest, war, and terrorism in the first place. Also a very real cause for the problems today in Iraq, is U.S. and British failure to utilize the recourse of the world’s vast diplomatic resources. Any one of these resources would have made the need for a ‘military and police build-up unnecessary and avoided the resulting violence and crime, and terrorism that the build-up has triggered.’Many years in the making, the Bush/Blair Coalition Fascist Government Coalition could not resist using ill-gotten power.

Holocaust in Iraq 15 “more sticks, rocks, spears and clubs”: Great Britain and the U.S.A. never committed intelligence failures in Iraq. Instead, they committed diplomatic failures. Intelligence (force) should never have been their first and only self-imposed option. This created a defensive reactions, violent reactions, retaliation, and terrorism. Real diplomacy should have been used first, and many years before 9/11 bombings and the Iraq Crude War. In point of fact, and technically speaking, diplomacy should not have been necessary either. The mass murderer Saddam Hussein and his regime were destroyed and fell in April 2003. After that, in adherence to international law, ethics, common sense, and our duty to the Iraqi people we should simply have given Iraq back to the Iraqis. But like the British who abandoned their comrades in trenches on the Western Front during WWI in 1915 and 1917 to try to take control of Baghdad and Iraq, the U.S./British Coalition abandoned their mission to capture the 9/11 terrorists, and abandoned their mission to free the Iraq people from repression and tyranny, instead they decided to betray the American and Iraqi people by invading Iraq taking full control of its strategically located market, economy and OPEC oil. The official U.S. and British excuse: the Iraqi people are too stupid to organize their country and establish their own government. Result of U.S. and British excuse: 6,000, 16,000,30,000,1000,000 (?) Iraqi civilian men, women, and children have died. Why? Because Britain and the U.S. they know that their super power (economic power) status will prevent them from being prosecuted.

Holocaust in Iraq 16 “Taking reservation land was the final insult.”: Great Britain and the U.S.A. decided that neither diplomacy nor peace negotiations are profitable enough. After April 2003, Britain and the U.S. decided against diplomacy in Iraq because diplomacy would result in sharing and fair business practice, whereas military police force would result in full control of the Iraq economy and full oil industry profits as well as partnership with coalition (British/U.S.) business alliances only. The U.S./British Coalition made absolutely sure that every avenue towards peace was blocked, enforced by “the law.” They decided they would simply take what they want.

Holocaust in Iraq 17 “The worst parts of history always repeat themselves.”: In a democracy there is a system of checks and balances set-up designed to prevent abuse of power, corruption, and fraud in government in the U.S. Like other civil rights protections that have been covertly rescinded, this system was not effective in preventing the centralization of power, unity of political ideology and the rise of a dictatorial fascist government system now within existing governments of Great Britain and the U.S.A.

Holocaust in Iraq 18 “Goebbels would be proud of his students”: Domestic and International protesting has been completely ignored and made useless by policing systems and the News Company Coalition made up of major British and American news services (CNN, BBC, AP, Reuters, Fox News, and many more) and their reporters which are fully protected from prosecution, criticism or principles regarding honesty in journalism or responsibility for fair and unbiased reporting. News reporters and correspondents, coddled and cradled rich kids reporting on real life, they ‘sheepdog’ good Americans and British people into whatever direction Coalition Leadership dictates.

Holocaust in Iraq 19: “ Yes means no, left means right, true means lie, up means down, precise means reckless, green is red, negotiations mean threats, bad means good, go means stop, and diplomacy means ultimatum”: The British and U.S. government coalition through reckless engagement, reckless military planning, reckless military strategy, and reckless use of weapons play Russian roulette with innocent Iraqi families. Very carefully planned propaganda in schools, on the web, television, newspapers, radio and magazines, causes the holocaust against the Iraqi people to continue. As in fascist Germany of the 1930sand 40s, citizens believed ideology that was contrary to common sense and logic.

Holocaust in Iraq 20 “Blair and Bush Coalition Leadership win friends and influence people”: Iraqi people are killing each other in ‘brother against brother’, ‘divide and conquer’ fashion exactly as planned by coalition leadership, who also pit ethnic groups against each other.

Holocaust in Iraq 21 “The Coalition’s greatest enemies are those who remember the Jewish holocaust.”: We American and British People, who understand patriotism and love of country, and we American and British people who were supposed to understand the ugliness and evil that mankind is capable of in our remembrance of the holocaust. We Americans and British are now the bad guys, courtesy of the U.S. and British Governments and their News Company Coalition Propaganda Machine (CNN, BBC, AP, Reuters, Fox News, etc.) which deliberately seduced us, their own citizens, into doing things that good British and good American people would never dream of doing normally.

Holocaust in Iraq 22: The White House is just a short distance from the Holocaust Museum in Washington D.C. and still no compassion for those oppressed, still no reverence for the holocaust victims of WWII, and still no attempt to curtail the crimes against humanity occurring in Iraq by U.S. and British government leaders.

Holocaust in Iraq 23 “If I was an Iraqi father or mother with a dead child I’d hate me too.”: We have become instruments of the facist National Socialist of the 1930s and 40s advocating their policies and ideology of reckless mass murder for personal economic gain, power, expansionist goals, and state control of foreign countries and their economies. A universe of peaceful and diplomatic schools of thought, yet, amazingly, Bush/Blair Coalition leadership studied fascist Germany and Italy instead. Children of fascist German and Italian war criminals grew up during the 1950s and 1960s carrying with them the great burden of guilt and shame for what their parents did. Not having experienced the ugliness and evil and hell that WWII German criminal leaders inflicted on so many, and pampered in the lap of luxury, Blair/Bush Coalition leadership enjoy the heat of battle in the middle-east and Iraq from the comfort of a tea room or their living room sofas on the other side of the world.

Holocaust in Iraq 24 “ Wolves in sheep’s clothing”: Of course, it is not the first time the fascist government system has been used by the U.S. and British governments. For example, the U.S. is currently trying to help tsunami victims only to cover-up persecution, human rights violations, and crimes against humanity committed by U.S./ Indonesian Military in the East Timor and Aceh regions on behalf of gas and oil company executives. Oil executives (and U.S. government, U.S. Military leadership) have actually become jealous of their “enemies” (Aceh people north of Indonesia) who are now helping the victims of the earthquake/tsunami disaster. U.S. government military leadership and their News company coalition, while they are experts at publicly saying one thing and privately doing another, of ‘making exceptions the rule’, are like ‘fish out of water’ trying hard to look like good Samaritans for public relations purposes and using their might for good instead of evil, being forced to help Muslims, not massacre them as in Iraq and the middle-east. Indonesia is an oil rich OPEC country. The U.S. help some while at the same time ‘stabbing them in the back.” All this while ignoring 16,000, 30,000, 100,000 (?) dead Iraqi civilians by reckless American soldiers and U.S. weapons use in Iraq. How do drowning men help other drowning men?

Holocaust in Iraq 25 “Andrew Carnegie would be sickened.”: Although an aggressive industrialist, Andrew Carnegie worked hard for his money. Today’s Bush and Blair Coalition planners are made up of a myriad of political, military, business, and news company people who never worked a day in their lives, while coalition forces soldiers do their bloody and dirty work 'out of sight, out of mind.' Back home, on their comfortable sofas, drinking a soda and eating popcorn, the Blair and Bush Coalition planners see only a rosy financial forecast. Over a spot of tea, they laugh at civilian deaths, coup d’etats, assassination attempts, and mass killings, etc. because they know that the News Company Coalition propaganda machine will “solve” these “problems” through wording written deliberately to change the facts current events and change the written record of history.

Holocaust in Iraq 26 “Armchair warriers”: If British and U.S. coalition political, military, business, and news company people had experienced the toil of real work or experienced the horrors of real war they would have stopped cold the heinous crimes against humanity occurring daily against Iraqi people a long time ago (10,000,30,000,100,000? dead in Iraq). Pampered business executives are not likely to voluntarily think about the death and destruction they are directly responsible for causing. The most serious dilemma affecting business executives is deciding what color tie to wear, where to go on holiday, or what color luxury car reflects their true personality. From the comfort of an easy chair, beer in hand while reading the sports pages and watching football, U.S. and British coalition government and military leaders are long distance warriors proudly commanding nameless faceless soldiers, Iraqi interim government leaders, and innocent children and civilians to die, be mutilated, severely injured, or massacred. As long as they achieve their financial goals, the methods do not matter.

Holocaust in Iraq 27 “peace pipes are for savages”: We forgot or ignored all those great leaders of peace who went before us. We ignored Mahatma Gandhi and his philosophy of non-violence, we forgot John F. Kennedy, who avoided war and probably died because of it, we ignored Martin Luther King Jr., who fought for civil rights, equality, and peace. We ignored all those great peace organizations set up in the last century to make war a thing of the past. Instead we chose to model ourselves and our government after fascist National Socialist leadership of 1930s and 1940s Germany who were gangs of bullies, criminals, assassins, mass murderers, and war hungry generals.

Holocaust in Iraq 28 “British and American cowards”: We all had a chance to show the world that what happened to the Jews of the Warsaw Ghetto would never ever happen again. But it did, and we just stood and watched while our coalition government mass murdered Iraqi civilians, one by one, group by group, covered up, hidden, and buried by their coalition news services.

Holocaust in Iraq 29 “The new boss is the same as the old boss.”: The only ounce of democracy remaining is the extremely limited U.S. local and presidential elections where every candidate is pre-selected by non-elected people from non-elected and invisible entities all believing in and supporting exactly the same domestic and international policies.

Holocaust in Iraq 30 “government obsession with church and state:”: Exactly as used in fascist Germany and Italy during the 1930s and 40s and which was defined by the Italian Fascist dictatorship as early as 1919, ‘separation of church and state’ has been expanded to mean separation of morals and state or separation of God and state, for example, in the case of abortion, and, now, in the case of mass murder of Iraqi civilians including children. This, combined with freedom to manipulate, change or make new laws ‘at will,’ free the Bush/Blair Coalition to commit the holocaust against the Iraqi people with impunity and zero opposition.

Holocaust in Iraq 31 “Make all peaceful protests useless, make their next step violent protest, then they will be arrested, checkmate!:” The dictatorial aspects of fascism, being firmly established after all forms of peaceful and non-violent forms of protests and negotiations, which are able to be ignored, made ineffective, and discouraged through police harassment and new laws governing protestor boundaries. Thus making it very difficult to organize and carry out a protest and impossible to effect a change in domestic or foreign policies to prevent civil rights abuse, human rights violations, and crimes against humanity. This fascist ‘social control’ frees existing government leaders to circumvent, interpret, bend, or transform the U.S. Constitution, Bill of Rights, domestic and international laws and their meaning, without restraint and without ‘checks and balances’ and without being answerable to any judicial entity. Result: There is no possible method for ordinary citizens to save the Iraqi people or any other people from murder, mass murder and oppression by the British and U.S. government leaders.

Holocaust in Iraq 32 “the nature of fascism and National Socialism”: Journalists, commentators, movie actors, musicians, newspaper writers, local political leaders, many of whom are promoters of peace, all are continually being threatened with character assassination, public ridicule, ruined reputations, manufactured negative criticism in media sources, even the threat of arrest if they simply disagree with any U.S. or British government policy in the middle-east including Iraq. Part of the massive News Company Coalition propaganda machine modeled directly from the Reich Propaganda Ministry of the 1930sand 40s, the Hollywood business world complies and supports Bush/Blair Coalition ‘Iraq Crude War’ and middle-east oil industry policies. Hollywood betrayed its generally high moral standards by supporting the Iraq Crude War. Hollywood betrayed those who simply disagreed, under instructions from the U.S./British Coalition. Even the voices of religious leaders are silent being afraid of being labeled anti-American, unpatriotic, or a terrorist supporter.

Holocaust in Iraq 33 “A most important step: Distraction from violence”: We are distracted from violence and seduced into submission through American movies, especially through subsidizing of cable TV showing many more 'A' movies than normal to keep people happy and comfortably numb. Combined with distractions and distortions in the news, that we have become like the German people of 1930s Germany who watched without preventive action.

Holocaust in Iraq 34 “the making of a desert”: We are not helping anyone in Iraq, we are not saving anyone, we are not freeing anyone, we are not protecting anyone, we are not freeing those oppressed, we are not defending anybody, nor are we helping those less fortunate. Instead, we turn our guns on weaker people to take their country and their economy, that is, to plunder and dominate. 

Holocaust in Iraq 35 “good guys, being bad guys, fighting the good guys: We were supposed to defend those who couldn’t defend themselves and we were supposed to defend the good Iraqi people who were oppressed under Saddam Hussein’s murderous regime. We got greedy and we forgot our mission and the fact that we were given charge over the guardianship of the good people of Iraq who we freed in April 2003. The Blair Bush coalition is, not only guilty of the current holocaust in Iraq, but also the worst kind of betrayal of trust. In April 2003 we turned our guns around and began shooting the good Iraq people, the ‘freed Iraq people,’ because we wanted to obtain full control over their country and their Iraqi oil industry. Because they shocked us by defending themselves and their country, we called them the enemy and created terrorists where there were none before. Our good soldiers, the good guys are put in the position of ‘bad guys,’ forced to murder the good Iraqi people.

Holocaust in Iraq 36 “America the beautiful?”: Our America is not so beautiful. Murder for profit is not.

Holocaust in Iraq 37: The British and American Coalition Leadership (utilizing their News Company Coalition) make it appear that only terrorist hate them and disagree with them. In this tactic, the only disagreement with the British/American Coalition we actually see in newspapers and television comes from terrorist. Therefore, because “only terrorist hate them and are critical of their democratization efforts,” anybody else who disagrees with American and British Coalition Leadership “must also be a terrorist or a terrorist supporter.” In other words, the only voices of opposition allowed or permitted by the British/American News Company Coalition is of terrorists. Result: Nobody can disagree with American/British Coalition Leadership, even to a small degree, without being publicly ridiculed and condemned and labeled as haters of America, haters of democracy, anti-American, unpatriotic, and “associated with terrorist.” And since any coercive action taken by the British or American governments are difficult to prosecute or unprosecutable under American/British Coalition imposed laws, combined with their economic leverage, it is doubtful whether America/British Coalition Leadership will be brought before the International Criminal Court for these crimes against their own people.

Holocaust in Iraq 38 ”The most important lesson in history ignored”: During the Jewish holocaust one race and one religion was the primary target. During the current U.S. British holocaust against Iraqi people only one race and one religion is targeted.

Holocaust in Iraq 39 “Deliberate lies that helped cause 16,000,30,000,100,000 (?) Iraq people, innocent men,women,and children, to die”: The lies: “bin Laden 9/11 terrorist are in Iraq, all the Iraqis fighting against the Coalition forces are Saddam Hussein, and WMD.” Coalition leadership lies to its own people

Holocaust in Iraq 40 “Like most humans”: Like most humans who are wealthy, comfortable, and well entertained, U.S. and British military leaders cling to the hope that they are exempt from the same laws of God and man regarding the value of human life that others live by and are judged by. They that has long as that are out of sight and out of mind, they are exempt from guilt and responsibility.

Holocaust in Iraq 41: It is possible that, like German fascist leaders of Nazi Germany, American/British Coalition Leadership may actually believe or “justify” in their own minds what they are doing. In criminology, criminals guilty of heinous crimes often appear to truly believe their own excuses for committing those crimes. Nazi war criminals, most notably their leadership, always maintained they believed in what they were doing. They confirm what those who study criminal behavior, such as myself, have theorized, that man’s ability to make excuses is only excelled by his ability to believe those excuses. Whether it is combined with pride, arrogance, and/or an involuntary self-defense mechanism, ask any faction in Africa guilty of genocide and every one of them will convince you they had a divine duty and were chosen to commit mass murder to save humanity and every single one them believes it. These are the existing conditions and the reasons why the U.N. and the International Criminal Court must respond quickly to end the holocaust in Iraq.

Holocaust in Iraq 42 “Our British and American “Presidents” and “Prime Ministers are using the same fascism that caused the holocaust in WWII. They are using this fascism against, not only Iraqis, but also against you and me, Americans and British people”: The crimes of the 1930s and 40s German government and its ‘war machine’were made possible only within the framework of Fascism. Now, it is the same with the U.S. and British governments and their coalition ‘war machine’ that has made possible a highly effective, and without effective opposition, a war in Iraq, which could only be possible within the framework of strict dictatorial fascism. This explains the heavy handed policing policy used against ordinary citizens over the past 30 years priming citizens for dictatorial like ‘social controls’, suppression of protesting (making protests ineffective and useless), news company alliance complicity, and removal of soldiers’ rights (forced to fight in even unlawful deployments by the British and U.S. governments in Iraq and the middle-east).

Holocaust in Iraq 43 “1930s and 1940s German government propaganda ministry inventions”: The strategy of using beautiful sounding euphemisms such as the word ‘intelligence’,”Patriot Act”, “Operation Iraqi Freedom”, and ‘Home Security” are also copied directly from 1930s and 40s German government propaganda ministry attempts to mask state sanctioned crimes against its citizens, including removal of civil rights, human rights violations, ultimately leading to crimes against humanity.

Holocaust in Iraq 44 “Money talks”: Growing in size and financial power as well as increasing intelligence (martial law, increased police power, more weapons purchasing), submersed in artificial tranquility created by media and the news company coalition, helps prevent Britain and the U.S. from being answerable and so the war crimes continue. Offering billions of dollars in aid to countries that do business and keep quiet about war crimes by the British and American Coalition.

Holocaust in Iraq 45 “tangled web”: In a future, International War Crimes Tribunal and trials regarding the Iraq holocaust, excuses like “collateral damage”,”War is hell (so to hell with civilians)”,"I was merely following orders" as well as the U.S. and British claim that Iraqis, like Native North American Indians, "originated from the depths of hell and were born from their mother’s womb with an evil desire to hate and attack the U.S.A. and ‘U.S. style democracy.’"will not be admissible in court. Tragically, even if there is a war crimes trial, as in 1945, very few war criminals would be prosecuted. With almost no chance of prosecution, the number of deaths caused by coalition forces in Iraq increases. Blair/Bush Coalition Leadership is “legally” above the law.

Holocaust in Iraq 46: The good Iraqi people are mothers and fathers fighting to protect themselves, their families, their private and public property, their country, their homes, their culture and way of life including their religion from a hostile invasion, hostile foreign domination, massive destruction, reckless use of U.S. and British coalition weapons and holocaust against their people.

Holocaust in Iraq 47: In this age of unlimited avenues to peaceful resolution of conflicts through peaceful negotiation and in a world of countless alternatives and the creative genius of a generation with the highest level of education in history, there are absolutely no excuses and no reasons to accept primitive and bloody mass murder of innocent civilians as a viable and civilized solution to any problem.

Holocaust in Iraq 48: Continuous hostile and cruel treatment of Iraqis because of their religious and governmental beliefs.

Holocaust in Iraq 49: The U.S. and Britain being two countries with the highest standard of living for its citizens and blessed with the most advanced high-tech defensive weapons and armies in the world they have no right to abuse that blessing. God blessed our countries, but what did we do with those blessings? We used them to stone our Iraqi brothers and sisters to death for Iraq’s riches.

Holocaust in Iraq 50: The Iraq Holocaust is not an unplanned accident or some form of manifest destiny. It was planned, complete with fascist Nationalist Socialist methods of the 1930s and 40s, centralized political power, increase in police power and activity, suppression of protesting, reinforcing of separation of church (morals, ethics) and state, news company alliance propaganda, strong non-questioning and obedient military capable of discipline even in unlawful deployment, and laws changed in such a way that police, military police, and soldier action to maintain martial law, suppress all forms of opposition, and support the Iraqi Crude War (War in Iraq after April 2003) are not subject to courts of law. This allows government and police to violate basic human rights, civil rights principles, free to commit crimes against humanity in Iraq, free from international and domestic protests, free from real judicial oversight and review.

Holocaust in Iraq 51: We forgot the Jewish Holocaust and broke our promise to prevent those crimes against humanity from ever happening again. 16,000,30,000,100,000 (?) dead Iraqis, in addition to over a thousand coalition forces soldiers fighting and dying for oil so far, and when will it end? Will the last Iraqi to die defending his country shout "Long live freedom" as Hans Scholl did in 1943 Germany just before he was murdered for simply protesting? The U.S. government has already threatened many peaceful peace protesters with arrest. What crime is next by a government that claims to be the zenith of the representation and people power of Greek and Roman government model? Rejecting all intellectual initiatives and discussion, the Bush/Blair Coalition believes that conquest is the most profitable solution to their problems. Like passengers on the sinking ship, intellectuals, academics, educators, philosophers, historians, doctors, diplomats, all can do nothing but watch as British/U.S. Coalition Leadership, behaving, not like the leaders of the most advanced civilizations on earth, but instead acting like the lowest forms of backward dregs and scum with the unexcusable, simple-minded stone-age massacre of Iraqis. Despite all our knowledge about the holocaust, we the educated, are trapped in a cage like slaves watching our Presidents and Prime ministers behave like vicious animals hording, pilfering, unrestrained, unchecked, above domestic and international laws. All good people can do is wait for future history books to condemn us all for doing nothing. You and I, British and Americans alike, will be condemned. We will all be condemned, not just for what we did, but also for what we could have done but did not do. Unlike animals, we have no excuses.

Holocaust in Iraq 52: Use of coalition military leaders, commanders and officers who, although obedient and easily manipulated, do not have limitations of morals and ethics, are often borderline criminals, criminal, or juvenile delinquent in nature, have violent tendencies, or have no knowledge of ‘right and wrong.’ Their crimes and abuses only stopped by accidental video evidence. Without video evidence all crimes would continue. Their negligent and irresponsible commanders are always above the law and exempt from prosecution. Use of military officers who are willing to force soldiers to deploy and engage the enemy in situations that are unlawful and violate human rights. This is enforced by their willingness to use bullying, humiliation, punishments, charges of desertion, fines, threat of arrest, threat of court-martial, imprisonment, character assassination by labeling as cowardice, unpatriotic, etc. against their own fellow soldiers all with government sanctioned impunity. They “legally” break the law.

Holocaust in Iraq 53: Abandoning the search for the 9/11 terrorist bin Laden, U.S. led coalition forces forgot their mission and betrayed the American people and being guilty of dereliction of duty, and abandoning their duty when, after the end of the Saddam Hussein regime in April 2003, they created a new agenda having nothing to do with bin Laden or 9/11, at the cost of many innocent soldier and civilian lives.

Holocaust in Iraq 54: The U.S. Led Coalition provokes violence and directly causes crime by using big dark black sunglasses, sad faces, disrespectful tone of voice, black military style uniforms, combative attitude, provocative words, shouting profanity, provoking confrontation, wearing masks, showing their big guns, creating the constant threat of arrest, threat of shooting, schoolyard bully behavior, and the looking down on Iraq people. Like children itching to use their toys, police and Federal agents point their toys, that is, their military assault riffles, shotguns, gas guns and tear gas, pepper spray, stun guns, rubber bullets, action movie pistols, against non-violent, unarmed, civilians and good people protesting against injustice. Like juvenile delinquents in a schoolyard they cause serious physical and emotional anxiety and distress in good people. Also like childish juvenile delinquents in a schoolyard, police and FBI agents are protected by the court system from prosecution. Police and FBI agents have an easy job. The only thing they have to do is harass good people, docile people, peaceful people fighting for justice, civil rights, and human rights. These people never fight back yet these are the primary targets of police and military police action. They directly cause normally good people to become bad. Our natural instincts of preservation, self-protection, and self-defense are not directed at criminals, as they should, instead they are directed at police, FBI, military police and other government entities that use force and violence to solve problems they created. Unlike British and American citizens, you cannot provoke retaliation form proud Iraqi people and their culture by police brutality and disrespect and verbal abuse. This is exactly what coalition forces are doing in Iraq. Coalition soldiers, acting as policemen or FBI agents, have been providing the catalyst that cause a rise in guerilla warfare, hate crimes, sabotage and not having a voice nor a unified regiment, combine to create and encourage "terrorism" and generate hatred of the west - all courtesy of fascist “U.S. style democracy”, which has decided, without asking the American or British people, that peace and diplomacy are obsolete.

Holocaust in Iraq 55: In the U.S. style of democracy, citizens cannot stop their leaders from injuring and killing innocent children and bystanders. The American people themselves have zero influence and are not a threat to U.S. government leadership because the American people do not have a voice or a vote in the matter, or any other matter. The American people, other than voting for presidents who are already pre-chosen by the government, are absolutely and totally helpless and powerless.

Holocaust in Iraq 56: If citizens have no say or influence in their government’s actions then a democracy is useless.

Holocaust in Iraq 57: U.S. government/News Services play a game in which they determine how far they can push the American people without being answerable to, or ruled by the will of the American people. Again, they “legally” break the law. Amazingly, they are able to withstand international protests as well.

Holocaust in Iraq 58: George W. Bush, Saddam Hussein, Bin Laden, Tony Blair all have one ugly personality trait in common. They all can fully justify killing innocent children and civilians and mass murder. That is the "freedom" they have and nobody, no protestor, no letter writer, no citizen, no election, no signature campaign, no poll, no job rating, no rally with masses of people, no march, and no picketing can stop them.

Holocaust in Iraq 59: U.S. style democracy is not the answer in Iraq, democracy is. U.S. style democracy is not the answer in Iraq because Iraq people want freedom, respect and representation – not U.S. led coalition police brutality.

Holocaust in Iraq 60: Our continued disrespect for mid-east cultures provoked the criminal element in that society. In every society there are criminals. By the reckless use of force and resulting disrespect for other cultures, the U.S. and British governments gave excuses to those few criminal elements in mid-east society to commit mass murder for a “cause,”which is only an excuse, but a “cause” nevertheless, hence, the U.S. and British governments have grown "terrorist." The U.S. Led Coalition requires terrorist and terrorism (exceptions to the rule) because without terrorist, there would be no total Bush/Blair Coalition oil profits.

Holocaust in Iraq 61: Taming of unrest was accomplished by Nationalist Socialist militia, originally formed in Germany in 1921, and taking various forms as time went on. In a test to see how far they could push (abuse) the average German citizen just short of rebellion, militia, police, or various government entities often were the “trigger” that caused normally good people to become criminal. The term “trigger” refers to a catalyst that brings a person across the line from rational to irrational. It can be a government agency, police system employees, or any local or national government situation where people have some power over others. The chance to play God is irresistible to most people put into any position of authority. Their targets are usually complete strangers that come off the street for assistance. These “targets” are members of the community who often have their own pressures and problems in their personal life to deal with when they come, to their misfortune, needing the assistance of those in a position of power as mentioned above. German government employees compounded their problems driving many over the line between rational and irrational behavior. The German government was aware of these facts, encouraged it, and took advantage of them to expand “social control” where no social control was needed.

Holocaust in Iraq 62: During 1930s and 40s Germany, every contact and every interaction with law enforcement was a hostile event, even in the most trivial of circumstances. This hostility was created through a constant threat of arrest making it impossible for individuals to defend themselves. Therefore, the victim of verbal abuse usually went home filled with anger because of the verbal abuse. Once home, the victim took his or her frustration and rage out on family members, including their spouse, children, even neighbors and friends (often physically or emotionally abusing spouse and/or children). Compounded by the German love of beer these situations could escalate. Like alcohol and homosexuality, this weakens the family structure and society overall making it more subservient, thus giving the government more power of control. Not having a strong family support system, forces family members to go outside the family for guidance and leadership. The abuse is government mandated and the government worker or police who caused these crimes usually went to the next person and did the same thing again. German leadership, at the time, had nothing to loose and everything to gain.

Holocaust in Iraq 63: Bush, Blair, Bin Laden, Saddam Hussein, terrorists all planned and knew what they were going to do. They already know what they could get away with. They already knew how much they could get away with and still not be stopped by the will of the people. They already knew how much they could get away with and still not be stopped by the will of international opinion. They have determined exactly how much power they have. They have determined exactly how much and how far they can push American people, British people, the Iraqi people, and the international community without being answerable. They have determined exactly how much and how far they can push citizens of other countries around the world without being answerable to international laws. Leadership in the U.S. and Britain are answerable to nobody. So, the killing of innocent Iraq people for profit continues.

Holocaust in Iraq 64: The news company coalition, on behalf of the British and U.S. governments created a system in which only one person (or only a few) would be blamed for major offences, major violations of international law, and crimes against humanity in the event of prosecution. For example, as president and prime minister, Bush and Blair are only a very small part of a much bigger collaboration problem involving many people within the British/American Coalition. In the event of prosecution by International War Crimes Court, only a few people would be punished. Again, they “legally” break the law. Example: The British/American Coaltion “coup d’etat” attempt in oil rich Equatorial Guinea to replace that dictatorship with a U.S./British coalition puppet government like OPEC Nigeria. All blamed on one “scapegoat,’ that is, a single person, business executive Mark Thatcher. Thus deflecting the quilt away from the huge U.S. and British Government Coalition network of investors, oil company executives (such as ExxonMobil, TotalFinaElf, etc.), news company news services, and government infrastructure leadership, both civil and military who all conspired and would benefit from such a “coup.” Note: The coup attempt was in spite of the fact that the two neighboring countries and their government leaders Mbasogo of Equatorial Guinea and Obasanjo of Nigeria have partnership agreements covering oil fields, oil processing, transportation, and marketing. Successful diplomacy and sharing is not enough to the massive Bush/Blair Coalition because they want total control and total oil profits, by force, all for themselves, as we are seeing in Iraq.

Holocaust in Iraq 65: Bush and Blair must fear their own ‘Bush/Blair Coalition Leadership’ because once those invisible coalition business leaders, investors, financiers, and other non-elected political leaders who are the real power and brains behind the Blair/Bush coalition, get what they want they will dump Blair and Bush faster than Nixon was dumped. They will use Blair and Bush as “scapegoats” offering them up for sacrifice to the American and British people and the world to quell the masses and quiet the massive domestic and international protests that are against the Iraqi Crude War worldwide. Afterwards, being invisible, above the law, out of sight, hidden from public view, U.S./British Coalition Leadership will reap the full rewards of the Iraq war being exempt from responsibility for the murder and mass murder of the Iraqi people in the Iraqi Crude War. They will retain financial, military, and political control over Iraq, while Tony Blair and George W. Bush are left to ‘take the fall’ through the International War Crimes court system. Covertly, Coalition Leadership will then plan their next crimes against humanity for economic control of another region, culture or country and they will laugh all the way to the bank. In the end, only corporation executives win. Even if you impeach both George W. Bush and Tony Blair, the power structure and leadership of the U.S/British Coalition will still remain intact.

Holocaust in Iraq 66: If there is no oil, then there would be no war, and no civilian deaths in Iraq. Oil can be a blessing and a curse. Like a father who has a beautiful daughter, while blessed, he is at the same time cursed. He knows that there is a much greater chance of her being raped or married to someone emotionally and physically abusive. The British/American Coalition took advantage of Iraqis and has been raping Iraq and physically abusing its people far beyond what is humanly tolerable.

Holocaust in Iraq 67: Already knowing the answer, the news media coalition asks distracting questions like “does oil factor into the Iraq equation?” Example answer: Solve for Y if X + Y = Z, where X = oil executives and Z = holocaust. Answer: Y = oil.

Holocaust in Iraq 68: Joy at ending Saddam Hussein’s murderous regime in April 2003 has faded because of dead Iraqi civilians including Iraqi children.

Holocaust in Iraq 69: Saddam Hussein and bin Ladin 9/11 terrorists are the enemy, not the freed Iraq People. We have been creating new enemies and new terrorist.

Holocaust in Iraq 70: There is nothing holy or good about laws in themselves, especially without good people enforcing them in a just, moral, fair, and respectful way. Both good kings and criminal fascist leaders create laws. In fact, a truly good king does what is right even if there are no laws telling him to do so. Both constitutional monarchies and dictatorships have laws in their societies. This does not make them both good and holy. Blair and Bush Coalition leadership knew that the law would eventually judge them so they changed the laws. Law is not right until it does right (right in terms of right and wrong). Likewise, democracy is not good and fair unless the people make it good and fair.

Holocaust in Iraq 71: As part of the evolution of fascism by further ‘separation of Church (morals, ethics) and state, academics in the U.S. frequently stated that perhaps ‘right and wrong’ is only a matter of opinion. In reality, the most important truths regarding ‘right and wrong’ are not a matter of opinion because there are certain universal truths and universal rights and wrongs. Mass murder of civilians is never justified whether you are a terrorist, a congressman or a congresswoman in a U.S. style “democracy.” Nazi Leadership of the 1930sand 1940s rejected the idea of God. That is, Nazi Leadership rejected the God of the Jews, Muslims, and Christians. Why? Because God condemns killing. The only way to allow for certain “justified” killings including mass murder was to eliminate religion, more precisely, ‘separation of church (God) and state.’

Holocaust in Iraq 72: The mass murderer Charles Manson had an ability to manipulate other people. He manipulated his three bald girlfriends to commit murder and attempted murder even while he was incarcerated. The only difference between this mass murderer and today’s politically powerful mass murderers is that Charles Manson, a solipsist, only manipulated a few bald girls. In contrast, but also careless and without compassion for human life, Saddam Hussein, Bush, bin Laden, Blair, the late Arafat, and Sharon, etc. all have much more powerful ’partners-in-crime’ including, but not limited to, billions of dollars in pay-off bail-out money, large corporate financiers and investors, news company propaganda complicity, huge military and police infrastructures, etc. If Manson had these ‘benefits’ instead of the three bald girls, you then would have had a very powerful and dangerous criminally insane psychopathic leader. Like ‘a fox guarding the chickens’ Manson would shout, ”I’m going to save the world from repressive regimes.” He then would have gone down in history as “Manson the Great.” And, like Alexander the Great, would have contributed absolutely nothing to this world except suffering and death. We became such mass murdering leaders when we crossed the line from ‘defenders of freedom’ to mass murderers of innocent Iraqi people for massive Iraqi oil industry profits.

Holocaust in Iraq 73 It is the laws in the “U.S. democracy” that have destroyed real democracy in the U.S: Laws took away independence, diplomacy, peaceful resolution, civil rights, human rights, representation, respect for cultural differences, ‘rule by the people’ from the American people. There are laws for citizens and there are different laws for leadership. The blood bath of innocent civilians, killed unnecessarily by the reckless use of U.S. led coalition weapons since April 2003, has been strangely justified by "the Law." U.S. and British laws say that those charged with enforcing the law can break the law ‘at home and abroad.’

Holocaust in Iraq 74: After the April 2003 destruction of the Saddam Hussein regime, the U.S. did not achieve stabilization for two reasons. First, because it did not give the "Freed Iraqi People" arbitration, representation, independence, self-determination or population based division of spoils and authority." Secondly, stabilization was not achieved because the U.S. and Britain did not want stabilization. Instead, they wanted full control of Iraq’s massive oil industry. The delayed capture of bin Laden has given artificial justification for staying in Iraq until full domination of Iraq’s economy has been obtained. We are asked to believe that the combined efforts of the CIA, FBI, Interpol, New Scotland Yard, the NSA, USSS, etc. after all this time, are unable to find bin Laden. Just as in Aceh and East-Timor, forced into the light because of the earthquake/tsunami, Bush and Blair Coalition Forces Leadership in Iraq forgot their duty and responsibilities, and, are profiteering in Iraqi instead.

Holocaust in Iraq 75: Building a ‘master and slave’ relationship, Britain and the U.S. simply said to Iraqis, "We know this is your country. We are taking it. Do what we tell you to do or we will arrest you and treat you as criminals." Then, to the shock of the British and U.S. governments, the Iraqi people fought back to defend themselves and their country. British and Americans people are proud and fight for their country to the death, but the British and U.S. governments say it is not all right for others to do the same for their country. Already sickened by the British colonialism, imperialism and protectionism, Patrick Henry would also be sickened by today’s U.S. government double standards permitting freedom, independence, self-rule for themselves but not for others. A fascist state unifies and disciplines the entire nation, but allows a slight margin of “freedom” to give the individual just enough incentive and purchasing power. Thus maintaining fascist National Socialist control while allowing the flow of consumer dollars to continue and the illusion of freedom.

Holocaust in Iraq 76: Unjustified Wars continue because only good people are against it, and good people are easily controlled. Good hard working people, too busy trying to support themselves and their families, are easily manipulated by the media, and easily excited by violently psychotic, power hungry government entities and business establishments that take advantage of circumstances such as extreme poverty or our disgust and horror of 9/11 to rise to leadership positions. Good people do not have the time or ability to sift through the propaganda or separate truth from fiction. Another reason the Iraq holocaust has occurred unopposed.

Holocaust in Iraq 77: After April 2003, the Blair/Bush coalition propaganda machine blatantly lied to the British and American people when they said we were fighting to free the Iraqi people from the mass murderer Saddam Hussein. Above the law and for financial gain, U.S. and Britain commit blatant false statements and deliberately give false reports and evidence, while under oath to serve the British and American people. War hungry military leaders in the British and U.S. governments don't sit around fighting their conscience trying to determine if they are morally right or not. Instead they determine how they can make new laws and use news services to legalize and legitimize their actions wrong or right, good or bad, and get away with it.

Holocaust in Iraq 78: There was no cheering from the U.S. and British governments when Saddam Hussein was found in December 2003. The news media restrained from any tendency to celebrate in agreement with the U.S. and British governments policy that the people must believe the war should continue. Celebrating Saddam Hussein’s capture would mean that the war was over, and would also mean that British and American forces would have to pull out of Iraq before total control of the Iraq’s economy and Iraq’s oil industry was fully obtained. In addition to trivializing the capture of Saddam Hussein, and under orders, the news services made an immediate switch to the artificial WMD excuse and the unrelated fact that bin Laden had not been captured yet. This despite the fact that bin Laden has absolutely nothing to do with Iraq and no relation to Iraq. If the mass murderer bin Laden did contribute finances or weapons to Iraqi fighters later in the war, and that is a big ‘if’, it was because the U.S./British Coalition opened the door by using terrorism and weapons of mass destruction against innocent Iraqi people in its conquest of Iraq.

Holocaust in Iraq 79: ‘modified colonialism’ in that a friendly government is installed, following controlled “free” elections of pre-chosen candidates, and agreements that new leadership must comply with British/U.S. foreign policy without question, and must adhere to U.S./British favorable economic policies and “reforms.” For example: Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Kuwait, Indonesia, etc. These crimes are always against weaker people and weaker nations.

Holocaust in Iraq 80: Al Sader was never an enemy or a problem until U.S. Led Coalition News services decided to make him an enemy. Al Sader was never an enemy or a problem until U.S. Led Coalition military police forces provoked him into defending himself, his people, and his culture. Al Sader, like Acenese and East-Timorese people, "simply got in the way" of business and oil executives plans and had to be “removed.” U.S. and British government and news media conspired to transform him into the devil, born of Satan, born from its mother to kill Americans and prevent democracy. Pequot Indians of North America were called "friends of hell" and "children of Satan" (so the general public would agree to kill them or accept their deaths and take their land, which they did). The Blair/Bush Coalition Leaders even suggesting or hinting at a Biblical connection between the eternal Biblical universal war between good and evil, between God and Satan, between “good Christians” and “bad Muslims” and the war in Iraq. In reality, and exactly as Cain attacked and killed Abel, it was the Blair/Bush coalition that attacked and killed Iraqis first, not the other way around. The British/American coalition drew first blood in this Iraq Crude War. Any “justifying” connection between the Holy Bible and our bloody massacre of Iraqi people has already been eliminated beyond any doubt. Fred C. Dobbs would be proud of coalition leadership.

Holocaust in Iraq 81: The British/American Coalition represents the failure of Christianity. Both Britain and the United States are described as Christian countries, however, this could not stop them from committing the ultimate crime of holocaust against the Iraqi people. In fact, the American President and the British Prime Minister are both Christian!!! Although they are only a very small part of the massive British/American Coalition, they have placed Christianity in a very dark and ugly light. Of course, as a result, to the Iraqi Muslims, Christianity is an extremely paranoid and violent religion, and they are correct from historical and logical perspectives. Coalition Leadership has defamed Christianity.

Holocaust in Iraq 82: The unnecessary and avoidable violence and atrocities perpetrated against the Iraqi people in Iraq has increased hatred and aggravated the already tense relationship between Jews and Muslims and between Arabs and the west.

Holocaust in Iraq 83 “Instilled de-sensitivity to violence in American. and British citizens”: Abortion, over the last 30 years, has been a two-fold blessing for the U.S. government. Not only did it get rid of those babies living on the fringe of society, often in marginal conditions, outside mainstream politics, it also provided the emotional and psychological effects of de-sensitizing the population to mass killing, especially reckless and unnecessary killing of innocent life. Combine this with a gradual tolerance for seeing woman combatants, woman soldiers, fairy tale princesses with swords in their hands, and woman being killed in movies and we have another parallel with the Germany of the 1930s and 40s and its induction of woman into the violent psychotic militarism of the fascist National Socialist German government. This was the part of the “necessary” foundation for action against the Iraqi people as the next step was the accepting of the killing of adult Iraqi victims who are rightfully defending themselves, their families, and their land, their culture, and their way of life from a hostile foreign conquering army.

Holocaust in Iraq 84 “hated and violence”: The monster we created as a result of abandoning respect and diplomacy and replacing it with military and police force many years ago and long before 9/11. We did not get love in return for our hate because people aren’t built that way. Does an election in Iraq or the U.S. change that? Has elections in the U.S. ever changed anything? In the U.S., candidates are pre-selected and pre-screened by unnamed and non-elected U.S. government entities to be sure the candidates all support the same domestic and foreign policies long before the actual elections. Over time, special interest groups have reduced those with representation to only an extremely small portion of the U.S. population. And those very few have their influence over government decisions compounded exponentially. Other candidates are eliminated by the press through simple ignoring of the story, brief mention or typical burying of the story, as well as reporting filled with condescension and belittling, character assassination, etc. The only crumb of democracy remaining in the U.S. is this extremely limited election system. The policy differences between the few candidates are so ridiculously trivial and the U.S. democratic elections so carefully ‘rigged’, it is both humorous and tragic at the same time. Once elected, any elected candidates already have ‘social controls’ pre-installed through fascist police type of methods long ago, a well structured and massive military, including high-tech weapons and a large manageable army, as well as the key to the whole system, a unified and complicit News Company Coalition 'Propaganda Machine'. Joseph Goebbels would be proud. If you control the News Media and you control the Police/Military and you have the power to choose and pre-select the type of candidates qualified to, allowed to, enter an election, prior to an election, then you rule the country, admittedly, through dictatorship and fascism. Yes, the U.S. and Britain may have achieved their ill-gotten political and economic stability, but the price is much to high for American and British people and the Iraqi people who have paid the ultimate price for this insanity. U.S. or British style democracy or social democracy is only a front and facade for the fascist government system within. This is a government structure exactly modeled after 1930s and 1940s fascist National Socialist Germany and Fascist Italy. This is not democracy. This is a dictatorship with just a dash of “freedom” to keep us spending.

Holocaust in Iraq 85 “The hell with heroes”: Heroes are belittled by the press because citizens are encouraged to look to government as their savior and God. Real life heroes who defend themselves, their families, their homes from criminals are belittled and their stories deleted, or worse, our heroes are arrested for defending themselves. Where are those that can save the Iraqi people? Where are those that can save those oppressed? Where are the allied forces of WWII? Where are the honorable U.S. and British Army soldiers of WWII and their heroic Infantry Divisions and Armored Divisions who liberated the Jews and other Holocaust victims from torture, starvation, and mass murder? We need them now, but they are long gone and we are now helpless. Sadly, even if Anne Frank herself came back to help and guide us, she would find every avenue to peace blocked and removed by the British/American Coalition dictatorial fascist systems of government.

Holocaust in Iraq 86: Most have never seen CNN, AP, BBC, CBS, NBC, Fox News, ABC and the many other news services report the death toll of civilians dying in Iraq. They make the information extremely difficult to find, bury it, or simply (and typically) don’t report the deaths as part of the propaganda guidelines enforced by the British/U.S. Coalition. To the British and American Coalition and its News Companies, dead civilians are non-entities, in fact, they are not even numbers in a death count. To Blair/Bush Coalition leadership, Iraq civilians, including children, are less than numbers, they don’t exist. Victims are out of sight and out of mind. Again, U.S./British Coalition Leadership “legally” breaks the law.

Holocaust in Iraq 87: The fascism of the National Socialist of the 1930s and 40s, and as in African dictatorships in recent years, and British/U.S. Fascism established over the last thirty years culminating in recent atrocities in Iraq and even places like Acehand East-Timor, all follow the same British and American laws, doctrines, and desires of fascist conquest. That is, no regard for human life, desire for power and control over other human beings, desire for economic power and power to make human beings do things they would not normally do, and desire for the power of life and death over others, low regard for the environment, and finally the ecstasy or climax of the actual killings. Whether the mass murder is of 6, 6,000 or 6 million, the leadership and psychological profiles of the perpetrators of heinous crimes are always the same.

Holocaust in Iraq 88: In the case of the U.S. led coalition, the "war" was already won when we toppled Saddam Hussein’s regime in April 2003. Why are international news services not permitted to say 'the war was over when Saddam Hussein’s regime was toppled so now stop the war in Iraq and let's begin to stop bin Laden'? Why was the bloody Iraq Crude War (war in Iraq after April 2003) allowed to occur and the resulting holocaust not prevented? Why did we forsake the 9/11 WTC victims and their families by abandoning our duty to capture bin Laden? Why have we completely abandoned diplomacy and peaceful resolution of disputes by replacing it with violence, more intelligence, weapons, police brutality, military force, hostile invasion and conquest. Sharing, Peaceful coexistence and fair economic trade policies are the only solutions to problems but there is never any mention of peace, diplomacy, or sharing in presidential debates, news services, magazines, television or other. There is zero talk of peace, not one word about intelligent diplomacy and absolutely all protests in support of peace are threatened by police threats of arrest. Strangely, peace protestors, who defend of human life, are labeled ‘Anti-American” and “Unpatriotic” in the media and public schools.

Holocaust in Iraq 89: British/U.S. Coalition Leadership conspired and ultimately carried out an aggressive Iraqi Crude War, committing war crimes and committing crimes against humanity especially after April 2003. Also directly responsible for the murders are many major news organizations and major businesses by their complicity, compliance, investment, written propaganda, mendacity, or inaction. In a war crimes trial they would be prosecuted and condemned for complicity and accessory to mass murder of Iraqi civilians.

Holocaust in Iraq 90 Murder and mass murder of individuals and cultures that do not accept U.S./Britain controlled fascism (U.S. style “democracy”) and belligerent nationalism: Murder and mass murder of individuals and cultures that do not accept U.S./Britain socioeconomic controls. Murder and mass murder of individuals and cultures that do not accept U.S./Britain forced expansion of U.S./Britain authority and forced territorial acquisition. Murder and mass murder of individuals and cultures, which do not accept U.S. and British racism against other cultures like Iraq. Murder and mass murder of individuals and cultures that do not accept U.S./Britain forced establishment of economic, business and political leadership dominance. Murder and mass murder of individuals and cultures that do not accept U.S./Britain suppression of protests and all opposition. Murder and mass murder of individuals and cultures that do not accept U.S./Britain control over “democratic” elections using U.S./British government chosen candidates. Murder and mass murder of individuals and cultures that do not accept U.S./British forced totalitarian dictatorship government.

Holocaust in Iraq 91: The ultimate insult. As the ultimate insult and ‘stab in the back’ of Iraqi people and Jewish holocaust victims, at the very same time we are murdering Iraqis for oil in Iraq, the Blair/Bush News Company Coalition “honors” Auschwitz holocaust victims in one hand, while the other hand is covered in blood committing those same atrocities in Iraq.

Holocaust in Iraq 92: "Britain and the rest of the world have discovered that burying your head in the sand doesn't work, and now each of them ... is having to pay a heavy price for its ostrich policy." Anne Frank, May 1944

History will record.

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