Where is the freedom of the Iraqi people?

"On this day two years ago, we launched Operation Iraqi Freedom to disarm a brutal regime, free its people, and defend the world from a grave danger ..." — GWBush

After 2 years, the Iraqi people have not seen the freedom that Bush has been taking credit for. The U.S. mission "Operation Iraqi Freedom" should have been called "Operation Iraqi Occupation" as Bush has still not set a timetable for the U.S. withdrawal from Iraq. How is the U.S. occupation any different or any better than Saddam's regime? Bush has stated time and again that the U.S. has freed Iraq from a brutal regime.

a woman and her children walk in front of an American tankFrom all accounts, from journalists from around the World and from U.S. troops that have returned to the U.S. after their tour of duty or from being wounded in battles in Iraq, the U.S. is inflicting the same brutality on the Iraqi people.

Where is the freedom that Bush promised the Iraqi people? The U.S. continues to occupy Iraq. The U.S. continues to impose curfews throughout Iraq and anyone caught violating the curfew is shot on sight.

There are still no essential services in Iraq; no running water, no electricity. The Iraqi people are harassed day and night by the U.S.

The Iraqi people cannot travel freely as everywhere they turn there are U.S. checkpoints. Ordinary citizens are detained illegally. The ruling government is just an extension of the U.S. martial law and authority.

The Iraqi people are unable to bury their dead because the U.S. troops refuse to allow relatives to enter a city or town to collect their dead. Any Iraqi who demands the U.S. withdrawal from Iraq and end the occupation is labeled an insurgent or a insurgent sympathizer, and thus detained without charge or counsel. The wounded are denied immediate medical aid.

If George W. Bush thinks he is the great man and leader he makes himself out to be, then why after 2 years are the Iraqi people still not free? He preaches he has brought freedom to Iraq while his country continues occupying and controling the country.

And instead of asking for billion to help rebuild Iraq, he asked for billions more for military operations in Iraq.

"Defend the world from a grave danger, Bush said." Where is there any truth in that statement? Polls done even in the U.S. have found that the majority of people think that the war in Iraq has done more harm then good.

The World is no longer safe because of Bush's actions. The American President has just created more enemies. Instead of pursuing peace through peaceful means, he has chosen to destroy any hope of peace through death and destruction.

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