A special day in Albania

This note comes from a dear friend in Albania. If you don't know your time zone: eastern standard US is GMT -5

Dear friends,

the time is coming, there is a new light on the horizon ... Today, on the equinox, I am holding the first meditation here in Saranda, at 5 P.M. on the Central Beach. This is the beginning of my spiritual activities in Saranda, the beginning of the concretization of my life purpose.

Saranda on the Ionian Sea is a myth for Albanian tourists, which are marveled by the beauty of its nature, whereas tourists from abroad are usually overwhelmed by the friendlyness or love energy of the people.

Energies are very high here. Saranda IS a light center or a vortex, although still somewhat latent, and largely unknown outside the Albanian community. Yet in the planetary movement of light centers and lightworkers, the Albanian voice will be heard, too, and Saranda will have its undisputable place.

This is just the beginning.

The meditation on the beach is part of a global action called "Solar Wave". Groups all over the world, including Egypt and the US, are meditating, especially at sunrise, sending waves of healing energy and peace around the tormented globe, feeling and intending that we are all one.

This is just the beginning. more meditations and group activities are to follow, to place Saranda on the side of spiritual vortexes like, for example, Findhorn, Sedona, Iona, Glastonbury, Macchu Picchu, the Pyramids, and Hawaii.

Today I am breaking the ice and overcoming the fears that have hold me back until now. This step has been dreamt of for six years. Today I am just inviting a bunch of friends I know to be supporting, to help me make this quantum leap out of the closet. And all the reactions up to now have been completely positive. The scepticism I was afraid of was nothing but my own projection. I see how good it has been that I have lived over one year in Saranda without any activity so far, just building up my reputation. People are trusting the process because they trust me. I feel very blessed, and this wave will carry me through my remaining fears.

I would be grateful if you could send our little group empowering, loving, healing energy between 5 and 6 PM, GMT+1. And it would be FANTASTIC if you could drop us a little line during the next 4 hours, a greeting or blessing from abroad, showing these dear people in Albania that the Earth is really one and that we are connected all over the globe - that YOU are connecting with US here in Albania and that no person and no nation is ever alone. I know that such a sign would be considered as a great honor and joy by my fellow Albanians.

With Love from Saranda, where a new Sun is being born

Silke Liria BLumbach

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