march 20, 2003 7:42 pm

operation shock and awe

operation shock and awe
has just begun in Baghdad

at 7:42 pm March 20th, 2003
I place large bandages on my eyes
and begin to chant for peace

darkness until this very moment
11:35 am March 21, 2003
darkness of the skies
darkness of our eyes
darkness of the truth

darkness until now,
the bombs that were never to hit
museums of great Baghdad
shining in the sky right now

darkness of CNN
ousted from the city
darkness for the viewers’ eyes
never, said our people, never

our hearts go out to their families”
says the man who charged
with spear placed in his hand
a gift from his father

our hearts go out to families”
he cares not for the souls who died
no hearts go out to those who die
from the radiation bombs he hides

would we bomb that special place
this time
“never!” what more .... the lies

darkness of our media
darkness of diplomacy

I keep the bandage on my eyes
to pray for peace
and light

darkness on my face to show
the blindness of their plight

of the karmic toll

light now, as the bombs explode
above that city
Baghdad soil
my tears obscure the light

tears to blur the light

tears obscure the light
darkness of our countrys crimes
tears lies obscure the truth

daoist hermit duckdaotsu
on colorado mountainside

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