Hugo Chavez interviewed by the daughter of Che Guevara . A DVD

Hugo Chavez interviewed by the daughter of Che Guevara . A DVD

DVDs are available for cost of postage and disk and shipping materials and any contribution that you want to make to the sending of participants to the World Youth Festival in Caracas . which will happen in August.

In February 2004, Aleida Guevara conducted an extensive interview, lasting several days, with Hugo Chavez Frias, president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. The interview explored Venezuela's explosive revolutionary terrain post-April 2002--when Chavez survived a coup attempt instigated by the United States. Chavez explains his vision for Venezuela and his commitment to a unified Latin America. He discusses Venezuela's new, democratic constitution and his country's relations with the United States and Cuba. Chavez also reveals his personal commitment to the politics of Che Guevara, Aleida's father. Portions of the interview have been released on a one-hour DVD. Included in the DVD is an interview with General Jorge Garcia Carneiro, head of the Venezuelan armed forces, who was instrumental in encouraging the popular resistance that thwarted the 2002 coup.

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