Yup, another mandate of an overconfident, energized Bush administration
banning abortion, gay marriage, declaring stem cell research heresy,

excising evolution from middle schools, reintroducing beheading as a
form of execution, bringing back polygamy, forbidding not only women but
their Christian from going to college, since there's got to be some way
to bring down that 48%.... Okay, a slight exagerration....

However, I do see this as the decline of a civilization. With Europe
and a smattering of first world nations such as Canada decriminalizing
pot, expanding the definition of marriage, and supporting progressive
science, and with China, India and other ambitious nations catching up,
four years of all this will find America ten years or more behind by the
time the Bush administration finally has to walk away after a war-weary
public finally dismisses them in 2008, psychologically scarred and too
intellectually bankrupt to do think their way out.


The Bush administration will be overconfident, and if they're going to
make any sloppy mistakes, inadvertently expose themselves, now's the
time to catch 'em. Analysis of voters throughout the election confirmed
that there was a stark division between those with post-secondary
education and without. Speeches and policies will even be more strongly
geared to the oblivious and stupid.

With perseverance, someone smart can catch them at something everyone
will notice. I know there are smartapples out there who will unhappily
say that the lies of Bush and the thinking parts of his team have
already been discovered, published and cross-referenced. However,
what's been missing is the soundbite, the watergate, the big slip before
the eyes of the world that outrages liberals and bible-thumpers alike.
For this is needed Woodward and Bernstein, Kenneth Star, whatever
works. It can be done. The feeding frenzy over a blowjob that dogged
Clinton to the end of his presidency can find its analogue in the
Amercian lexicon. The best part of it is that if Bush is every cornered
on anything good he will not nearly have the panache to recover the way
Clinton had - he'll sputter and rage and roll his eyes. It's a better
time to root around for humiliating truths than ever before. We can get

The other heartening thought is that Kerry nearly overturned the most
highly-funded spin machine in human history by uniting its opponents.
Let's not quibble over a few percentage points - a hair shy of half of
this year's voting public united against Bush, and they're still around,
and just getting warmed up - the best part is a lot of them are young.
We could have four years that will put the sixties to shame. Hippies,
shmippies - shit will go down to make Timothy Leary Blush, that will
make Abbie Hoffman look like Ben Stein.




John Barlow wrote:

i'm calling it a draw

so once the key republicans are prosecuted for their crimes
it'll be a democrat majority

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