getting ready

My friends,

Over a year ago, I answered an email sent through a few channels that asked if anyone else was concerned about the war resisters and the upcoming draft. I told him I would be part of that action, and that I would do whatever I could to make sure that no one would have their freedom taken from them, be told to go to a foreign soil, and kill for their government.

Today is a day we thought would not come. We worked for its extinction. We prayed and wrote and got active and made change and a few good people took it upon themselves to work on a road to freedom from government slavery.

We will need that freedom now more than ever.

The railroad is still going to make its trail, being blazed by young folks who were brave enough and heroic enough to show up and become the test cases for a political and moral exodus from the war machine. One of them, Jeremy Hinzman, will be in court before the coming Christian holiday season.

Today matters because we are going to need to make sure that trail has been made with the right stuff. The proper tracks, the best safe homes, the finest hosts, the greatest dreams.

The draft is no longer a gentle breeze or a warm chinook from the west. It is going to be a hurricane of horrendous proportions and our children and our children's' children will become cannon fodder. We must stand up against this force and say NO.

I stand up today and say again:

and duckdaotsu will always stand for those principles.

peace and balance in dao.
lisbeth west

november 3, 2004
daoist hermit
side of a mountain, coloraduh

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