Hello, Pluto? Any Room?

I said it, you said it, pretty much anyone with a brain larger than a
grape or a soul more nimble than a rock probably said it a thousand
times over.

And you probably weren't even all that drunk when you said it and maybe
you were even a little more than half serious and maybe you said it
just like this: If Bush somehow snags another election, if the
unthinkable comes to pass and the Dubya neocon nightmare refuses to
end, well, that's it. I'm outta here.

Done. Over. Gone. Moving away. To Canada. Or France. Latvia. Uranus.
Anywhere, really, that doesn't have Bush as leader and which doesn't
make me openly ashamed to be a citizen and which doesn't make me feel
like a sickened disillusioned ulcerated outcast in my own happily
divisive country every damn day including Sunday ....

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============= MARK MORFORD'S NOTES & ERRATA ============= - November 5, 2004

== Hello, Pluto? Any Room? =
Must. Move. Away. Cannot endure more Bush. Soul about to implode. Right? Not so fast
(By Mark Morford)

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